Alleyway (Game Boy) Level Layouts & Bonus Level Layouts
Alleyway Level Layouts

Mario piloting the paddle in Alleyway, breakin some blocks


Layouts of all the standard levels and bonus levels featured in the Tetris-esque Game Boy block-breaker: Alleyway. Complete with scoring code per block shade/colour and info on each level.


All produced by and (c) Christopher Long (LtCmdData) - originally produced in 2007.


Standard Level layouts


Alleyway Levels 1-3 layout and guide

Levels 1-3


Alleyway Levels 4-6 layout and guide

Levels 4-6


Alleyway Levels 7-9 layout and guide

Levels 7-9


Alleyway Levels 10-12 layout and guide

Levels 10-12


Alleyway Levels 13-15 layout and guide

Levels 13-15


Alleyway Levels 16-18 layout and guide

Levels 16-18


Alleyway Levels 19-21 layout and guide

Levels 19-21


Alleyway Levels 22-24 layout and guide

Levels 22-24


Bonus Level layouts


Alleyway Bonus level layout: Mario

Bonus level 1 - featuring Mario


Alleyway Bonus level layout: Koopa Troopa

Bonus level 2 features a Koopa Troopa


Alleyway Bonus level layout: Blooper

Bonus level 3 features a Bloober


Alleyway Bonus level layout: Piranha Plant

Bonus level 4 features a Piranha Plant


Alleyway Bonus level layout: Bullet Bill

Bonus level 5 features a Bullet Bill


Alleyway Bonus level layout: Goomba

Bonus level 6 features a Goomba


Alleyway Bonus level layout: Cheep Cheep

Bonus level 7 features a Cheep Cheep


Alleyway Bonus level layout: Bowser

Bonus level 8 features Bowser


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