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Super Mario Run: Nintendo have now confirmed a release date for 151 countries!

Super Mario Run


We've finally got a release date for Super Mario Run, the first Mario game exclusively for mobile devices (Never thought I'd see the day). The game is released on December 15th in 151 countries and will be free to have a play with for a few levels however in line with the trend of our day there will be a $9.99 (or local equivalent) price tag via in app-purchase if you want to play through more than just a few levels.


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Photos of the Nintendo & GameStop Mario Kart 8 event at the Charlotte Speedway NASCAR Races!

The design of the GameStop sponsored Mario Kart 8 themed car


So we mentioned that there will be a GameStop sponsored Mario Kart 8 themed car driven by Matt Kenseth at the Charlotte Speedway NASCAR races this weekend? Well, there was! Check out the photos of the MK8 presence at the event below. Alternatively if you don't enjoy Nascar or Mario Kart 8 and would prefer a Mario slot game you can take a look at the big jackpots available at Royal Vegas casino.

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Will there ever be a Mario themed pokie?

In recent years the gambling sector has boomed more than just about any other. Enhanced products, more competitive odds, and the ability to seamlessly bet from home means the industry now enjoys excellent versatility.

Coming hand in hand with this gambling revolution, pokies are now the most popular casino game to play, overtaking more traditional table games such as roulette and blackjack. The ability to win large amounts of money from just a small stake is a huge factor in why pokies are so successful, but it is the vast variety in pokie games that most helps create their mass appeal. Independent online pokies portal Pokies Palace suggests there are more than one hundred thousand people in Australia alone playing pokies every day.

Players logging into their favourite casino sites are instantly treated to a wide selection of games, ranging from battle war pokies, to fast action puppy pokies.

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Super Mario Bros inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame!

The hallowed platformer Super Mario Bros for the original NES was launched nigh-on 30 years ago and yet continues to be the receiver of great accolade three decades later - today officially being inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. Check out the full press release below from Nintendo.


Super Mario Bros is now featured in the videogame hall of fame.


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Super Mario Christmas Adventures

Mario as Santa Claus


Seasons greetings Mario fans,


Here are a couple of Super Mario Christmas themed episodes for your viewing pleasure. These two were actually released together on a VHS way back in 1996 titled Super Mario Christmas Adventures. Thanks for visiting & Merry Christmas.

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Captain Toad & Toadette are ready for adventure? Are you?

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is releasing on 5th of December 2014

The latest release from Nintendo gives Captain Toad and his Pigtailed counterpart their share of the limelight following the long awaited arrival of Super Smash Bros.


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is now upon us as the Wii U continues in its stride releasing more and more popular first party titles; it's game library now considerably better than it was a year or two ago.


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