Yoshis New Island arriving 14th March 2014
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Finally, we have some info from Nintendo on Yoshi's New Island, the upcoming Yoshi starring platformer for the Nintendo 3DS. (Which is now announced for release March 14th, 2014)


"Embark on a magical journey with Baby Mario and the Yoshi clan in a quest to find Baby Luigi"

Box Art from Yoshi's New Island on the Nintendo 3DS

OK so by the sounds of that, this is, in its base story at least going to be very similar to it's Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island predecessor way back from the SNES days. But this has been a long time in the making, so I truly don't believe this will simply be a modernised version of its former title.



Check out our Gallery of Artwork from Yoshi's New Island (3DS)

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Nintendo describe the title further in today's press release:-


"An enchanting adventure featuring ground pounds, flutter jumps, and countless enemies to devour and turn into eggs awaits when Yoshi's New Island, the latest instalment in the Yoshi platform series, launches for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on March 14th 2014."


So straight away we know they've maintained the flutter jump and ground pound and eat enemy to produce egg physics still in place - good! they were fun. Now reading further into todays release they also mention some new elements:-


"Rendered in a variety of art styles that illustrate the fairytale charm of the Yoshi Universe, Yoshi's new island invites you to gobble up or stomp on enemies big and small in a bid to help safely reunite the Baby Mario Brothers and rescue the stork from Bowser's very own version of Guantanamo bay"


We've already seen from the Yoshis New Island first look screenshots that there are indeed varying art styles from level to level and place to place incorporating the unusual elements of pastel and watercolour like effects for many of the backgrounds. For anyone who didn't see those I've put them below for your convenience!


In the next bit of the release Nintendo give us a little more depth into what the story is actually going to be; and how it may vary from that of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island


"The tale of Yoshi's New Islandis the sequel to the Super Nintendo title Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and is set in a new location, Egg Island. In this new chapter in the series, Baby Luigi has been whisked away once again, leaving it up to the Yoshi clan to keep Baby Mario out of harms way and embark on a mission of discovery"


First of all, why always Luigi? Does Bowser specifically ask Kamek (I assume its going to be Kamek) for Luigi, or is Baby Luigi really just as seemingly unlucky as his adult-self?! It's very pleasing to hear that this is a direct sequel to Super Mario World 2 and not just a random tale. I also think this is definitely a series (The Yoshi's Island series) that could go on a lot longer, the Bros are of course a long way off being grown up, surely some stuff happened between them being rescued by the Yoshi's and becoming epic Koopa fighting adult plumbers (who never, ever do any plumbing)? I don't know about you, but I'd certainly like to see some more in depth story with that.


Will be interesting to see the Yoshi's out of their homelands of Yoshi's Island too, but I suspect Egg Island is most likely not far away with a name like that, maybe there will be some friendly Yoshi-cousins waiting to lend a hand?


So, relief for those like myself who have been waiting for news on this release for ages. You can book your ticket to Egg Island adventure right now by pre-ordering Yoshi's New Island. Nintendo have issued a special bonus for fans who pre-order this game too - a special Yoshi Egg game case. A nice bit of what I suspect will be rather limited edition memorabilia for any Yoshi, Mario or Nintendo fan.


If you are a fan of the Yoshi's Island series like myself, you will love this. IF you have not played a previously title in the series please RECTIFY THIS IMMEDIATELY. I don't want anymore of these "But I wasnt born yet" excuses.


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