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Official Mario Kart Ride On becomes reality

For years I have cried and cried on about the lack of Nintendo / Mario merchandise available in the modern day compared to how it used to be in the Mario-Mania period of the early 90's, Nintendo actually announced at the end of January of this year that they were looking to increase the amount of Nintendo licensed merchandise that was out there; be it digital or physical, in the form of more plush toys, ring tones, music downloads, figures or whatever else they can conjure up.


In the UK for example we have a couple of different Mario figure sets and a few plushes to choose from (if anything) in most mainstream retailers - and they usually carry quite a horrible price tag.

An officially licensed ride on Mario Kart!

The ride on is styled like Mario's Kart from Mario Kart 7



This new approach could also be to help Nintendo bring in some revenue to help make up for the less-than-expected-sales of the Wii U platform; and who knows maybe actually seeing some beloved Nintendo characters on a few more shelves might indirectly help Nintendo fans of past generations stop stealing cars, put down their guns, and pick up a Wii U again?


Now it looks as though Nintendo have licensed the production of something I didn't see coming, but maybe should have if I'd thought a little harder. Nintendo have teamed up with Jakks pacific to bring us the first ever officially licensed Ride on Mario Kart which is due to be released in the UK in Autumn/Winter of this year - Oh really, just in time for Christmas, and probably in the midsts of an extreme resurgence in Mario popularity thanks to Mario Kart 8? Sounds like a plan to me.


Although it has not been stated officially, as a 6V Ride on, I don't think this is intended for adults. The kids of today don't know there born! Here is the official info and statement from Jakks Pacific.


Jakks Pacific's Ken Goodison, said: "For the first time ever, you can be in the driver seat of your very own Nintendo Kart.

"It's an exciting little runner that we expect to sit competitively within other 6V ride-ons and with it being so relevant to the Nintendo Mario Kart, it should do very well."

The ride-on also allows kids (and undoubtedly some adults) to switch between on-road and off-road tyres.


[source - Toy News]


I would imagine by "some adults" it means extremely small ones, so what are we waiting for adults? lets start those diets and vigorous training regimes!


About the author
Luke Hackett
Author: Luke HackettEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Luke is the webmaster of SLB. He has been eating Mushrooms and smashing blocks since he was 7. When not saving the Mushroom Kingdom he can be found in Azeroth "pwning".