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Club We might all get the same Nintendo games in the end wherever we are in the world, but the same can't be said for Club Nintendo physical rewards.

Every so often their will be another couple of tempting collectibles released in each different Club Nintendo region and this quarter is no exception; the newest addition to Nintendo of Europe's portfolio are these shiny new Super Mario Premium Playing Card packs which you can pick up for a princely 3000 stars.

Below is the official description from Nintendo of Europe's Stars Catalogue.

Know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em!

These super-shiny playing cards, decorated with images of your favourite Mario characters and power-ups, are sure to make any card game special! Pack includes 54 semi-transparent plastic playing cards (52 cards, plus two Jokers). Measures approx. 6 x 9 cm

(Note: Due to the production process, some reflective material may remain on the outer edges of the cards, which may be transferred to hands after prolonged use.)


Personally I don't have the points for these as I just spent 7000 on the Luigi Diorama when it got put back into stock on Nintendo UK's eShop. Of all the collectibles we've seen from Big N in recent years whats the favourite one you own?

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