Super Mario 3D World wins best kids game at NYVG Critics Awards
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Nintendo enjoy success at the third annual New York Video Game Critics awards for both Super Mario 3D World and the Zelda Franchises Link Between Worlds at Brooklyn's Pfizer Auditorium.


New York Video Game Critics Circle


The extremely well received Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS winning in the best handheld console game category, and Super Mario 3D World (aka the most next-gen game of 2013, quoting EDGE Magazine November last year) winning in the Best Kids Game of 2013.


Nice as that is for these titles to get their well deserved recognition, KIDS GAME?! Have you tried getting all three stars, the stamp, and the gold flag on some of those levels? A little annoying to see 3D World pigeon-holed like that.


The awards were hosted by Daniel Radosh an emmy-award winning writer backed by a panel of videogames and media experts including


  • Chelsea Stark from Mashable
  • Evan Narcisse from Kotaku
  • Jeff Bakalar from CNET
  • Jill Scharr from Tom's Guide
  • Harold Goldberg from the New York Times
  • Mike Futter from Game informer

For me, these games were rightful winners, what do you guys think? particularly about the continued Mario-games-are-for-kids stigma?

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