Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven stars
Super Mario RPG

Release dates

Australia N/A
Europe Never released
Japan March 9th, 1996
N.America May 13th, 1996

General information

Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)

Developed by Square Enix

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single-player



Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (known only as Super Mario RPG in Japan) was the first Mario RPG Title, it was also the first time Nintendo and Squaresoft would work together on a title.

In this game, a sinister new enemy called Smithy is the main antagonist in this title - Smithy crashes into the star road and causes seven stars to be scattered far and wide throughout the land. Mario and his cohorts must travel across the land, searching far and wide in a bid to restore the Star Road and confront Smithy at Bowsers Castle.

With the help of Princess Toadstool, Mallow, Geno and surprisingly-so .. Bowser, Mario sets about trying to restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom. Super Mario RPG was a superb addition to the Mario franchise but poorly timed, four months later came Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64. Not only that, but the game was never released in Europe. The game features seven stages, 29 areas and a unique design with puzzle and action play rolled into one.


Interesting Facts

  • There is a cameo of Samus Aran (Metroid series) in both doll form, and later on in person. The doll version is found in Boosters Box of dolls. There is also some other dolls in the box including what look to be a Goomba and Princess Toadstool.

  • Bowser becomes an ally

  • F-Zero and Starfox vehicles featured in Hinopios shop! The Arwing (Starfox), Pink Stingray (F-Zero) and Blue Falcon. (F-Zero)

  • Nintendo Power rated this game 21st in it's 100th edition magazine's "100 Best Nintendo games of all time" in 1997.

  • No voiceovers for Mario - its all in the hand actions!!

  • Sleep at the Rose Town Inn and the next morning you wake up and LINK (Zelda series) is asleep in the other bed!

  • The final game that Square would do on a Nintendo platform based on their initial contract with Nintendo.

  • Luigi is very scaresly involved in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven stars and appears only in the ending sequence and as a Narrator in the instruction booklet.

  • The game was not released in Europe but became available on the Virtual Console later on.

Much in the way that the Koopa Kids were named after real world people, there were a lot of references to the outside world in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars such as:-

  • In the forest Maze when Mario approaches Bowyer, Mallow asks Mario "Who do you think you are, Bruce Lee? You can't just go in there with your fists flying!" (Bruce Lee is arguably the most famous martial arts film star known to the Western World)

  • Frogfucious - Mallow's Grandfather is a parody of Confucious, a Philosopher from China famed for his quotes "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand"

  • King Midas was a famed character from Greek Mythology who desired riches so much that everything he touched turned to gold. The "Midas River" is named after this man, and is ironically filled with GOLD coins!

  • The Axem rangers are for us, blatantly a spin off of the then popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, for a start, there are five of them, they also share the same colours as the power rangers - and are led by the red ranger.

  • Toadofsky the composer of the Tadpole pond is based on famous musician Tchaikovsky.

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