Paper Mario (Nintendo 64)
Paper Mario

Release dates

Australia Unconfirmed
Europe October 5th, 2001
Japan August 11th, 2000
N.America February 5th, 2001


General information

Platform: Nintendo 64

Developed by Intelligent Systems

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single-player



Overview / Storyline

The much awaited sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven stars on the SNES is the Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64.


The Story

Very far away, way above the clouds beyond the sky, there is a legend saying that there was a haven where the Stars lived. It is also known that the fabled treasure called the Star Rod rested in the sanctuary of Star Haven, which was known for its power to grant all kinds of wishes. The seven revered Star Spirits, using this astonishing Star Rod, watched over our peaceful world cautiously and very carefully.

Then a terrible thing happens one day, when the evil King Bowser appeared in Star Haven and stole the Star Rod! He uses the incredible power of the Star Rod and quickly imprisoned the seven Star Spirits!

Mario, as completely unaware of the troubles happening in far-off Star Haven, got back home in the Mushroom Kingdom, and he is eagerly reading a letter from Princess Peach. It was an invitation to a party at Peach’s castle! With much expectation, Mario and Luigi set off for the party, unaware to the chaos that lies ahead. 


The main characters in Paper Mario are as below:

  • Mario - our mustached marvel, must once again match his intellect and courage against Bowser's evil plans. Princess Peach - Loved by all under her jurisdiction, the princess of Mushroom Kingdom is constantly being the target of Bowser's wicked kidnapping strategies. She doesn’t give up, and even lend Mario a hand in his every adventure.
  • The Star Spirits – appears that being guarded by Bowser’s vindictive groups. After being captured by Bowser, the seven Star Spirits have been separated from each other and imprisoned in isolated reaches throughout the kingdom.
  • Mario's friends - Mario needs to combine his talents with those of his newfound friends to put a stop to Bowser's evil plan.
  • King Bowser – Do you think Bowser will use the Star Rod to become the ruler of the world? Well, it’s up to Mario and his gang to make sure that will never happen!
  • Kammy Koopa – One of Bowser's underlings, to torment Mario and his friends, she uses her mysterious magic.
  • Luigi - Mario's younger brother and friend almost plays a dynamic role in Mario's adventures. Will he be this time?
  • Twink – The Star Kid that is too young to have much power, but a determined one to help out Princess Peach and Mario however he can.

With the help of his new friends, can Mario stop Bowser? If he can’t, surely, there'll be no happy ending.



Interesting Facts

  • Luigi, who usually help his brother, doesn't help Mario on his adventures and stayed at home!
  • This is the only Mario RPG game where in Bowser poses as your main enemy.
  • "Star Haven" is the replacement for Star Road.
  • Paper Mario utilizes Chapters, a very book like format; this derives in the spirit of Paper.
  • There are no female bosses, unlike the other Paper Mario games.
  • There are no optional characters also, unlike the other Paper Mario games.
  • As the Mario games progress, more and more occasional references outside the Mario Universe. In this case, the reference is to Star Wars. As Mario starts the battle with devious Bowser, for the second time around, the latter shouts "Let us witness the power of this totally operational Star Rod!". A parody to the Emperor Palpatines line, a character in Star Wars the Empire Strikes back, telling about witnessing the power of a fully operational Death Star.
  • Tutankoopa, again, is a reference to someone outside the Mario Universe. You guessed it right! Tutankhamen, the most well-known Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.
  • Additional to the above Star Wars reference, there is also a penguin author called "Herringway". This penguin author is, on the other hand, a parody of Ernest Hemingway an American Author.
  • Geno and Mallow were neither in this title nor were they referenced, because of the termination of Nintendo and Squares contract after Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and that these characters belong to Square.
  • Goombario: a new playable Goomba character that is newly introduced in this game.


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