Paper Mario Item List (Nintendo 64)
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Paper Mario - Item List


Offensive Item List

Item name


Coconut Throw this at an enemy and it'll take out 3hp off their health.
Dizzy Dial The entire opposing team will become dizzy, this varies depending on what type of enemies your up against.
Dusty Hammer Not one of the stronger items, a bit of a waste of money.
Egg Missile Created by Tayce T. this egg can do a max of 6hp damage.
Fire Flower Yep, the classic fire flower, each flame does 3 damage per player.
Fright Jar This fright jar can FRIGHTEN off enemies during the middle of a battle! Can be quite useful if a big one is frightened off.
Pebble This won't exactly annihilate the enemy, its fairly pointless.
POW Block This turns enemies over when thrown, as in SMB2, It's particularly affective against shelled enemies.
Repel Gel This is a special kind of paste, and you become invisible when you apply it.
Shooting Star The entire opposing force see stars from your shooting star and they all lose 6hp.
Snowman Doll Using a freeze attack the snowman doll removes 4hp from the entire opposing team.
Sleepy Sheep This attack could possibly send the entire opposing team to sleep.
Stone Cap Wearing this stone cap will make you invulnerable to 90% of enemy attacks for 1-2 turns.
Strange Cake The strange cake can have three possible effects, which are as follows: Sleep attack, Electric Attack or Invisibility Attack
Stop Watch As in SMB2 this 'pauses' the entire level except for yourself for a limited period.
Thunder Rage This move does 5hp of damage to the entire opposing team.
Thunder Bolt Borrowed from Pikachu himself, this move will do 5hp of damage to a single enemy.
Volt Shroom The volt shroom pumps up your own personal voltage without doing damage, anyone who attacks you is then electrocuted.


Defensive and Recovery Item list

Item name Description
Apple Eating this apple gains you 5hp.
Apple Pie Eating this apple pie gains you 5hp and 15fp
Big Cookie Eating this jumbo-fun cookie will be a cool 20hp
Bland Meal As bland as this meal is, 10hp and 10fp can be pretty useful.
Blue Berry Has a soothing effect on Well Dwellers and adds 5hp to your health bar.
Boiled Egg Flower points and heart are recovered by eight points.
Bubble Berry This popping bubble berry gains you 5hp
Cake This cake will gain you 15fp, it's up to you if you use a fork or not, I'd use a spoon personally
Cake Mix Well you can either eat this cake mix alone for just 1fp or make a cake and get 15fp.. what would you do?
Coco Pop Eating this coconut flavoured popsicle will gain you 15 flower points and 3hp
Deluxe Feast The big feast, it's like a KFC Mega Bucket except with less grease, 40hp and 40fp! Use this only when you really need to.
Dried Fruit This shrivelled and dried up fruit is found in the desert, you can gain 15 heart points from it.
Dried Pasta Dried Pasta, mm Mario's favourite, eating this will gain you 3hp and 2fp.
Dried Shroom This dried Shroom isn't particularly valuable as eating it will gain you nothing more than a single hp.
Egg This egg will give you 5 heart points
Electro Pop Shock yourself back into life with this tasty popsicle and gain 15fp while you do!
Fire Pop Although this Fire Pop really brings a fire to your belly and recovers 20FP, it also damages your insides and you lose 1hp for burns.
Fried Egg This fried egg will gain you 10hp when fried
Fried Shroom You gain 6hp and 2 flower points from this Fried Mushroom
Frozen Fries A packet of 15 recovery fries
Goomnut This will gain you three flower points, this can only be gained at one single tree in the whole game which is located in Goomba Village.
Healthy Juice This juice is exactly as it says on the tin, healthy, 40hp recovered here.
Honey Candy This lovely honey gains you 20 flower points when consumed.
Honey Shroom Gains you 5hp and 5fp
Honey Super This is slightly more super than the last honey based product and 5fp and 10fp are gained here
Honey Syrup As soon before in the SNES Classic SMRPG, this Honey Syrup will gain you 5 flowerpoints.
Honey Ultra This Honey Ultra gives you 50hp and 5 flowerpoints.
Hot Shroom Mmmm nothing quite like a hot shroom, 15hp and 5fp gained
Iced Potato An Iced potato, like it says, deep in Shiver City, go to the toad house, this is where you'll find this 5hp recovering wonder.
Jammin' Jelly This can be used to recover 50 (yep 50) flowerpoints, and should only be used when your FP is super-low or none.
Jelly Pop Recovers 64 Flower points.
Jelly Shroom This gives you 5hp and 50fp, Jelly and Mushrooms having a positive effect? Who'd have thought it.
Jelly Super The Jelly Super gives you 10 hp and 50hp extra.
Jelly Ultra This Jelly Ultra will recover 50 of every attribute! Use it wisely.
Kooky Cookie 15 flower points Gained from this
Koopa Leaf Three flower points are all you gain from eating this koopa leaf.
Koopa Tea This is the favourite tea of all the great Koopas, made by koopa leaves this will recover you 7fp
Koopasta The Pasta of the Koopa's this will gain you 7hp and 7fp.
Lemon Candy This sour candy gives you 5hp and 15fp
Life Shroom This revives your player when you die and gives you 10hp
Lime This lime gives you three flower points.
Lime Candy This lime candy gives you 20 flower points.
Maple Shroom 5hp and 10fp are awarded when you eat the Maple Shroom
Maple Super 10hp and 10fp gained from the Maple Super.
Maple Syrup This is slightly better than Honey syrup because it gives you more flower points.
Maple Ultra This powerful maple gives you 50hp and 10fp.
Melon The Yellow Yoshi gives you this and it restores 15hp.
Mistake After an error by Tayce. T, you only get a single flower point and hp.
Mushroom Gains you 5hp.
Nutty Cake This nutty cake is the particular favourite of the nutty (get it?) professor, it recovers 10fp.
Potato Salad This salad is created using the Iced Potato and when made gives you 10hp.
Red Berry This red berry gains you five heart points and is found in flower fields.
Shroom Cake Mushroom Cake, Gains you 10hp and 10fp
Shroom Steak Mmm Steak, a juicy 30hp and 10fp from this item
Spaghetti Another of Mario's favourite foods from his hometown, this will give 6hp and 4fp.
Special Shake Shake it, shake it, shake it until 20 flower points come out
Spicy Soup This spicy soup will stimulate your player to 4 extra hp and fp
Stinky Herb This herbal wonder gives you 5 extra fp.
Strange Leaf This will give you 5hp and is found in the Boo's Mansion
Super Shroom Double as affective as a standard Shroom this item will gain you 10hp.
Super Soda Gains you 5fp, and if you are poisoned or shrunk it'll cure both of those too.
Sweet Shroom This sweet and tasty mushroom gives you 30hp and 20fp.
Tasty Tonic Removes the side affects of shrinking and or poison, no hp or fp
Ultra Shroom Recovers 50 hp, no more, no less.
Whacka's Bump These limited edition Whacka's Bumps restore 25hp and 25fp
Yellow Berry This Yellow Berry despite being fairly rare gains you only 3hp and 3fp
Yoshi Cookie Not the same as in SMRPG, this cookie simply gains you 15fp and 15hp this time.
Yummy Meal This meal is as yummy as it sounds, and gives you 20fp and 20hp

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