Paper Mario Special Item List (Nintendo 64)
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Paper Mario (Nintendo 64) - Special Item List


Special Items available in Paper Mario (Nintendo 64)

Item name


Ancient Artefact This should be given to Kolorado in exchange for a Star Piece.
Beautiful Lyrics Near Dry Dry Outpost go into Club 64 and give the Beautiful Lyrics to the composer.
Boo's Portrait Return the missing portrait to it's empty space in the Mansion.
Boots Just standard boots that your wearing in the games beginning.
Calculator Owned by Rowf, the Shy Guy's steal it off him, return it to him.
Cookbook A book full of great recipes, give it to Tayce. T as a gift, he'll then be able to mix you all sorts of cool stuff.
Crystal Ball If you hand this to Merlee and you will receive the autograph of Merluvlee in exchange.
Crystal Berry This is very important in Flower Field events.
Diamond Stone There are three Keys required to enter Tutankoopa's Tomb, this is one of them.
Dictionary This dictionary is again stolen by Shy Guy's and should be given back to Russ T.
Diploma On beating the master the third time you'll be awarded with a Diploma
Dolly The doll of Princess Peach owned by Goombario, he lost it.
Fabulous Scarf This scarf belongs to the snowmen and is missing.
Fertile Soil Superb soil for growing anything you like, especially suited to a beanstalk.
First-Degree Card Winning over Chan will get you this First-Degree Card
Fourth-Degree Card The Fourth Degree card is awarded on beating the master for the second round
Frying Pan The legendary frying pan of Tayce T. Stolen once again by the not-so-Shy Guy's.
Hammer This is the weapon you start the game with
Jade Raven This will be given to you by the leader of Yoshi's Village, your role is to place it near the Raven Statue in the Jungle.
Kooper's Shell If you retrieve this shell for Kooper he will help you throughout the rest of your adventure
Lunar Stone Another of the Three Keys needed to get into Tutankoopa's Tomb
Magical Bean Planting this Magical Bean in Fertile Soil will have astonishing results!
Magical Seed The Bub-ulbs will give out these magical seeds to people as they see fit.
Mail Bag The Shy Guy's.. like most villains decided to steal from the post office, but nope, they didn't steal the money, they just stole a mail back, it does need returning though.
Marvellous Bucket Another item owned by the snowmen is the Marvellous Bucket, this needs returning to them.
Miracle Water This is used in conjunction with the Magical Bean & The Fertile Soil to get a beanstalk!
Mystery Note This mysterious note is inscribed in the language of the Shy Guy's, Russ. T is the only one who can decode it once you've got him his dictionary back.
Odd Key This key will be found in a hidden place inside the Abandoned Pump House.
Pulse Stone This Pulse Stones power will create an opening to Dry Dry Ruins.
Pyramid Stone The Third and Final item used to get into Tutankoopa's Tomb.
Record Playing this classic record will get the attention of the Boo's while you pass.
Second-Degree Card In order to gain this Second-Degree card Lee must first be defeated.
Soothing Melody Using the Beautiful Lyrics the composer in Club 64 will create a soothing melody.
Star Stone The Star Stone will open up the path into the Crystal Palace.
Storeroom Key This can be used to Open the back room in Harry's Toad Town stores, here you will acquire the toy train.
Super Boots Get these and you can do spin jumps.
Super Hammer This powerful hammer can be used to break straight through stone blocks.
Third-Degree Card After defeating the master once you gain the Third-Degree Card.
Toy Train This toy train from Toad Town stores back room should be returned to Shy Guys toybox.
Ultra Boots In these boots you have two extra abilities, not only do you jump higher, you also come back down harder!
Ultra Hammer Capable of breaking anything in your path.
Ultra Stone Using this stone you can enhance your members to become ranked as Ultra.
Volcano Vase This item is found in Jade Jungle, and should be given to Kolorado.
Warehouse Key This key has been frozen for years and can be found in Shiver City.
Water Stone Brings the Flower Fields spring to life with fresh water.


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