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The first week of Mario & Luigi running and jumping their way into UK Happy Meal boxes saw the release of the first two of eight toys.




First, a standard issue Mario figure. It's hollow, but pretty reasonable quality with some nice detail, he is approx 4.5 inches tall.


Secondly, and this I was pleasantly surprised by; a Super Mushroom, looked kind of like a standard figure at first standing about 3 inches tall, but there's an on/off switch and a separate button on the bottom, switch it on, press down and hear the Super Mushroom power up, feeling bigger yet?


That's probably just the Happy Meals. (I recorded the sound it plays here), this Mushroom also has a screw-panel on the bottom so it looks like you can even replace the batteries when they run out, not bad for a Happy Meal Toy.


The Happy Meal Boxes also feature Mario trying to force exercise on us! Can it be, has the great pasta guzzling Super Mario changed his ways? Mario encourages us to perform a number of activities to help him secure coins (always profiteering):-


Hi kids! Can you hop, run and jump through the Mushroom Kingdom? Come on, lets get moving!


1. Topple Test - You need balance to bounce like Toad. Can you hop on one foot three times in a row to collect a coin for Mario?

2. Super Mushroom Power-Up - Try jumping as high as you can three times in the air to collect another coin for Mario!

3. Spinning Cyclone - Spin like a cyclone by putting your hands behind your back and spinning around three times. Grab another coin for Mario if you can.

4. Star Power-Up - You've picked up a Star power-up. Crouch down and do five star jumps to collect another coin for Mario.

5. Splash Dash - Can you run on the spot and move your arms in a swimming motion ten times? Grab a coin for Mario if you can.

6. Bonus Moves Routine - How well have you mastered Mario's moves? Can you hop, spin, crouch down and star jump all in a row? Collect this big bonus coin if you can!


[Source: Happy Meal Box!]



It looks as though there will be two new Happy Meal Toys per week for the next 3 weeks, I'll keep you posted on the wonders that await inside each weeks boxes.

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