New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS) Sprites
Sprite Archive

Feel free to use these sprites in sprite comics etc at your leisure, original copyright of all images (c) Nintendo.



Blue clock Clock Crowber Star Coin
Golden Banzai Bill Cannon Grinder Moon Coin
New 10 Gold Coin New Amp New Bill & Blaster New Block Ghost
New Block Gold New Block Ground Block Underground New Bob-omb
New Bone Goomba New Bone Piranha Chain Chomp New Boo
New Bowser Statue New Cheep Cheep New Coin Coffer New Deep Cheep
New Fire Flower New Fire Mario New Fishbone New Fuzzy
New Ghost Door Gold Block Mario Gold Block Goomba Gold Mario
Gold Ring Gold Rolette Goomba Jump Block
Koopa Koopa Paratroopa Mega Deep Cheep Mega Fuzzy
  Micro Goomba Mini Mario Mini Mushroom
Para-bomb Podoboo POW Block Question Block
Question Switch Raccoon Mario Scuttlebug Small Mario
Snake Block Spike Top Spiny Cheep Cheep Stone Block
Super Leaf Toad Door Trampoline Urchin
Whomp Spiked Ball Peepa NSMB2 Home 1
NSMB Home 2      


Larger sprites


Mega Mario Dry Bowser Goomba Tower New Bone Piranha


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