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Release dates

Australia Unconfirmed
Europe March 9th, 1999
Japan December 18th, 1998
N.America February 8th, 1999

General information

Platform: Nintendo 64

Developed by Hudson Soft

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-4



Overview / Mini-Game List

Tensions mount for Mario and pals as each declares himself to be the one true Super Star of Mario Land. Face your friends and family in a contest of strength, wits and agility as you explore 6 thrilling Adventure boards. Reveal new levels of gaming excitement as you customize your boards with speed blocks, warp blocks and other speciality items. Jam-packed with all the electricity of an entire arcade, the action comes alive for up to four players. So grab your friends and get ready for a wild ride because this party never ends!

Mario Party is a board-game style title for the Nintendo 64. Players can choose from one of six playable characters as below:-

  • Mario

  • Luigi

  • Yoshi

  • Princess Toadstool

  • Wario

  • Donkey Kong

The game can be played in one of two modes

  • Party mode - Four players will play on a board-game style setup, taking it in turns to roll a dice which decides
    how many spaces their player will move around the board. Once everyone has taken a turn a randomly selected mini game will begin. Players
    continue rolling and playing mini games until time runs out.

  • Mini-game mode - in this mode the player can select up to seven mini-games to play back to back and customise the settings of the mini-games as required.

Shoot for the stars in 2-on-2. 3-on-1 or 4-player free-for-all action. Bash, bump and bully your way through 56 dizzying Mini-games. 9 World Maps provide a challenging single-player quest on Mini-Game Island.

Mario Party is a compilation of fifty-six Mini-Games comprising; ten single-player Mini-Games, five two-v-two Mini-Games, ten 3-v-1 Mini-Games and twenty-four four player Mini-Games.


Single-player Mini-Games

Ghost Guess

Ground Pound

Knock Block Tower

Limbo Dance

Memory Match

Pedal Power

Shell Game

Slot Machine

Teetering Towers


Two v Two player Mini-Games

Bobsled Run

Deep Sea Divers
Desert Dash
Handcar Havoc

Three v One Mini-Games

Bash 'n' Cash

Bowl Over

Coin Block Bash

Coin Shower Flower

Crane Game

Paddle Battle

Pipe Maze

Piranha's Pursuit

TightRope Treachery

Tug o' War

Four player Mini-Games

Balloon Burst

Bombs Away

Box Mountain Mayhem

Bumper Balls

Buried Treasure

Cast Aways

Coin Block Blitz

Crazy Cutter

Face Lift

Grab Bag

Hammer Drop

Hot Bob-omb

Hot Rope Jump


Mario Bandstand

Mushroom Mix-up

Musical Mushroom

Platform Peril

Running of the Bulb

Shy Guy Says

Skateboard Scamper

Slot Car Derby

Tipsy Tourney

Treasure Divers


Mini Game Playthroughs

A playthrough of each game board in Mario Party is below:-


The playlist order is as below list, but


1. Donkey Kong's Jungle Adventure

2. Peaches Birthday Cake

3. Yoshi's Tropical Island

4. Wario's Battle Canyon

5. Luigi's Engine Room

6. Mario's Rainbow Castle


You can skip to a board of your choice by clicking in the top left of the playlist and choosing a different video:-


Interesting Facts

  • Once the game is completed the tune playing while the credits are scrolling is actually a heavily remixed version of the Mario Bros. Tune.

  • The second Mario game (to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars) allowing you to buy items

  • The second Mario game to allow up to 4 players, the first was Mario Kart 64

  • Long after the release of Mario Party, infact even after the release of Mario Party 2, Nintendo bought out a Mario Party glove.

  • This glove was given away free and was intended for gamers who played a lot not to blister their hands due to the way the n64 controls were, Nintendo required proof of purchase of the Mario Party games to send these gloves out. The gloves were not logo bearing and had no Mario Characters on.

Some of the mini games names are puns, such as below:-

Name Pun of
Bombsketball Basketball
Bumper Balls Bumper cars
Hot Bob-omb Hot Potato
Key-pa-Way Keep away
Musical Mushroom Musical Chairs
Shy guy says Simon Says
Whack-a-plant Whack a mole


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