Mario Party (Nintendo 64) Artwork including Characters, Game Board Art, Items and more.
Rendered Artwork

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Group artwork

Main group picture

Mario, Donkey Kong, Wario, Toad, Peach, Luigi and Yoshi gathered around a power star.


DK's Jungle Adventure

Donkey Kong swinging through the jungle, everyone else in pursuit.


Luigis Engine Room

Luigi precariously controlling some levers while the others watch on in horror. DK Looks bemused.


Main group picture of the Mario Party cast

A Group shot of the main characters in Mario Party.


Marios Rainbow Castle

A Group shot of some of the main characters in Mario Party, Mario looks calm knowing he is winged, the others don't look so thrilled.


Peachs Birthday Cake

An artwork from Peaches Birthday Cake.


Warios Battle Canyon

Wario's rather explosive looking Battle Canyon.


Yoshis Tropical Island

Yoshi's Tropical Island group art, using a red shell as a Volley ball, how disrespectful to the poor Koopa Troopas.




A Power Star


Solo images of main cast

DK guarding his stash Koopa Troopa
Donkey Kong with a mallet Koopa Troopa with a star rod
Luigi with coins Peach with a star
Luigi with a pile of gold coins Peach with a Power Star
Mario hitting a Dice Block
Mario takes a rather aggressive role of the dice.
Princess Peach looks like she's waiting to catch something
Toad Excited Toad holding up a sign
Toad jumping Toad holding the Mushroom Shop sign
Yoshi playing Cast Aways Toad very excited
Yoshi fishing up a gold coin Toad with arms out
Wario with a  chance block Yoshi
Wario holding a block Yoshi flying
Toad looking up  
Toad reaching out  

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