Mario Party 2 (Nintendo 64) Artwork including characters and group shots of the cast
Rendered Artwork

Mario Party 2 logo small

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Group Artwork

Group art

Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong and a wanted poster featuring Bowser in this group shot.


Group art from the box

A Mario Party 2 desktop wallpaper.

Group picture of six characters

The cast of Mario Party 2 gathered around a star. Each character in a different themed outfit.


Solo character artwork

Bowser Pirate Donkey kong with hammer and funny suit
Pirate Bowser Donkey Kong with a mallet.
Luigi Carrying Bob Omb Princess Peach playing Shy Guy Says
Not sure what Luigi's doing to this bomb, but I don't like it Peach waving a flag, with pink balloon


Angry Wario
Toad Wario
Yoshi Pirate  
Yoshi in a pirates hat  

Luigi Touching Number Cube

Luigi punching a dice block.


Mario Cowboy

Mario in a cowboy hat pointing up to the sky.


Peach With Key

Peach in her safari outfit with a magic key.

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