Mario Party 2 (Nintendo 64)
Mario Party 2

Release dates

Australia Unconfirmed
Europe October 13th, 2000
Japan December 17th, 1999
N.America January 24th, 2000


General information

Platform: Nintendo 64

Developed by Hudson Soft

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-4




Overview / Mini-Game List

As set up similar to its predecessor, the original Mario Party, Mario Party 2 on the Nintendo 64 adopted its entire feature except that the party can go on even longer, with 65 totals of mini games!

Want to have a park named after you? That is totally awesome, a new amusement park will be opening soon in the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario and his friends will be fighting over who it should be named after. The bet will be, whoever defeats Bowser first will have the amusement park’s name after them!

Just got even better!
Another round of Bowser-bashin’ party action! Mario and the whole gang are back as they get into different fiasco in each of the five all new Adventure Boards. A new swing of new tricks and devices bringing to you new levels of challenge and thrill to board game plays. Explore new board maps, play new Mini-Games, new actions and surprises that brought bunch of fun!


Mario Party 2 feature's sixty-five mini games comprising: twenty-one Four Player Mini-Games, twelve Two v Two Mini-Games, eleven Three v One Mini-Games, eight Battle Mini-Games, six Item Mini-Game and a special Mini Game.



Four player Mini Games

Abandon Ship

Bombs Away

Bumper Balls

Deep Sea Salvage

Dizzy Dancing

Hexagon Heat

Honeycomb Havoc

Hot Rope Jump

Lava Tile Isle


Platform Peril

Roll Call

Shell Shocked

Shy Guy Says

Skateboard Scamper

Slot Car Derby

Sneak n' Snore

Tile Driver

Tipsy Tourney

Toad in the Box

Totem Pole Pound

Battle Mini-Games

Bowser's Big Blast

Bumper Balloon Cars

Crazy Cutter

Day at the Races

Face Lift

Grab Bag

Hot Bob-omb

Rakin' 'em In!

Special Mini-Game

  Driver's Ed

Two v Two Mini Games

Balloon Burst

Bobsled Run

Cake Factory

Destruction Duet

Dungeon Dash

Handcar Havoc

Looney Lumberjacks

Magnet Carta

Sky Pilots

Speed Hockey

Toad Bandstand

Torpedo Targets


Three v One Mini-Games


Bob-omb Barrage

Bowl Over

Crane Game

Filet Relay

Lights Out

Look Away

Move to the Music

Quicksand Cache

Rainbow Run

Shock, Drop or Roll


Item Mini-Games

Bowser Slots (Bowser Land)

Coffin Congestion (Horror Land)

Give Me A Brake (Western Land)

Hammer Slammer (Space Land)

Mallet-Go-Round (Mystery Land)

  Roll Out the Barrels (Pirate Land)
- Source: The above mini game list was officially released by Nintendo just as the game came out.


Interesting Facts

  • Outfits of the characters changes to blend in with the theme of the board they are playing on
  • In the first Mario Party game, players can store an item, however, the maximum that a player can store is one item only.
  • Remember the old Tanooki, Frog, Hammer Bros suits from SMB3? Now here is a newer suit item that has been added! Features now a 'Bowser Suit'.
  • This game also features, taken from Mario Party, a few modified versions of some mini-games.
  • Since the first game Mario party, there are no new characters added.
  • Because players evidently getting blistered hands from the original Mario Party they have changed the control of the mini game in this title, from the Control stick based games to more of a button bashing angle.

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