Yoshi and the Neon Egg

Story originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on February 22nd, 2004 by Yoshi's Fan


Chapter 1


One day, Yoshi was in his house when Mario comes in.

Mario: Yoshi, The Mushroom Kingdom Museum needs a Neon Yoshi Egg for
the Yoshi exibit!

Yoshi: Don't worry Mario. All I need is a Bean Fruit.

Mario: I will -a-go get one.

( Mario leaves with Luigi to get a Bean Fruit from the Beanbean Kingdom)

Mario: Luigi, over there is-a- where the Bean Fruit should be. Go -a-dig there.

Luigi: Alright-a- Mario.

( Luigi digs and gets the Bean Fruit)

Mario: All right! Lets-a-go back.

Luigi: Okay-a-Mario.

( They go back to Yoshi's Hut)

Yoshi: Thanks! Just wait a minute.

( Yoshi lays the Neon Egg.)

Yoshi: Here you go.

Mario: Thank-a-you.

Yoshi: Anytime.

( Mario leaves with the egg and Bowser comes and swipes the egg)

Mario: Give-a-that a back Bowser!

Bowser: No way! I'll give this to you only if you give me 100 000 coins.

Mario: Never!

( Mario uses a Starman and rams into Bowser)

Bowser: Curse you pesky plumber!

Mario: So-a-long Bowser.

( Mario gives Toad the egg to give to the museum)

Toad: Mario, there is a problem.

Mario: What?

Toad: This is a fake!

Mario: What!

Toad: It says so right here.

( Mario sees a note and reads it.)

Mario: Dear Mario,

I have the real Neon Egg! If you want it back, bring me 100 000 by

You Worst Enemy,.

Mario: Bowser.... You-a-will-a-pay!


Chapter 2


Review of part 1: Mario needed Yoshi to lay a Neon Yoshi Egg for the Yoshi Exibit in The Mushroom Kingdom Museum. Yoshi tells Mario that he needs a bean fruit to lay a neon Yoshi Egg. Mario goes to get one with Luigi. After he gets it, he gives it to Yoshi and he lays the egg. Mario takes but Bowser steals it. Mario gets it back but he found out that he has a fake. Now he must go to Bowser's Castle and get the egg back.

Mario: Uh oh...

Toad: What's wrong Mario?

Mario: I just remembered that I have to go see Princess Daisy.

Toad: Why?

Mario: Because Luigi wants me to give her the money he owes her.

Toad: Then who will get the Neon Egg back?

Voice of Yoshi: I will!

Toad: Yoshi will you really?

Yoshi: Sure!

( Yoshi leaves to go to Bowser's Castle)

Yoshi: So here it is. (Gulp)

( Yoshi walks in and sees Bowsers Koopa Kids)

Iggy: Hey! Aren't you that Yoshi that Bowser hates?

Yoshi: I guess so..

Morton : Well then were going to have to beat you up!

Lemmy: I have a better idea!

Roy: What is it?

Lemmy: Lets see if Yoshi can get through the maze I made in the basement.

Wendy: That's a stupid idea!

Lemmy: (Whispering) But there is no end to the maze so he'll be in there forever!

Ludwig: Great Idea!

Lemmy: Yoshi, do you accept?

Yoshi: I do.

( The Koopa Kids take Yoshi to the maze)

Iggy: Wow! It looks cool!

Lemmy: I told you!

Lemmy: All right Yoshi... huh?

Roy: Hey! Yoshi's gone!

Wendy: He tricked us!

Lemmy: Maybe he's in the maze already.

( The Koopa Kids go in.)

Iggy: Hey I don't see him.

( They here a loud thundering noise)

Lemmy: What's that?

Ludwig: Oh no! The Maze door has closed! We're locked in!

Wendy: I bet Yoshi did this!

Voice of Yoshi: You shouldn't of trusted me!

Koopa Kids: You'll pay for this!

( Yoshi walks up the stairs to Bowser's room.)

Yoshi: Bowser! Give back the egg!

Bowser: You want it? Come and get it!

Yoshi: Take this!

( Yoshi throws an egg at Bowser and it covers his head so he can't see.)

Bowser: I can't see!

( Yoshi grabs the egg.)

Yoshi: Thanks!

( Yoshi leaves and goes back to the museum)

Yoshi: Here's the Neon Egg.

Toad: Thank you Yoshi but you didn't have to get back the egg.

Yoshi: Why?

Toad : Because after you left, The other Yoshi's donated Neon Eggs of every colour!

Yoshi: Oh.... So I did that for nothing?

Toad: I guess so.

(Yoshi sadly leaves.)

Toad: Wait Yoshi! What colour is your egg?

Yoshi: It's green.

Toad: We don't have a green egg on display! Can I have it to put it on display?

Yoshi: Sure! Thanks Toad.

Toad: No problem.

So Yoshi helped the Mushroom Kingdom Museum and a great adventure while doing so.

The End


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