Mario Party 9
Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9 title screen

Release dates

Australia 8th March, 2012
Europe 2nd March, 2012
Japan 26th April, 2012
N.America 11th March, 2012


General information

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Developed by Nd Cube

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-4




Grab your friends and family and captain the crew to victory!

The party is back and bigger than ever in the Mario Party 9 game for Wii, featuring all-new ways to play! For the first time in the franchise, boss battles crash the party and challenge players to compete to defeat a common enemy. In addition, players now travel across stages together in a vehicle towards a common goal - overcoming obstacles, battling bosses, and collecting Mini Stars stolen by Bowser and his minions. Featuring 80 new minigames, adventurous new stages, and all-new ways to play that blend cooperative and competitive action for up to four players, Mario Party 9 is the perfect way to get the party started.

Mario, Wario, Yoshi and the Princess trying to grab a Power Star

Nine titles in and the Mario Party series is still going strong.


  • For the first time in the Mario Party franchise, each stage culminates in a Boss Battle. Collectively, players must combine their strength to defeat classic foes such as Bowser and King Boo while still playing competitively to boost their own individual scores.

  • In another first for the series, players ride across stages together in special vehicles. Players take turns as Captain of the vehicle by hitting Dice Blocks to move the party forward, hoping to land on lucky spaces. The vehicles also help to streamline game play and keep everyone involved in the action.

  • Unique Captain Events on each stage give players a new way to change the shape of the game.

  • In Mario Party 9, each themed stage has a clear destination point but with multiple paths along the way, so no two games will play the same. From Toad Road to Boo’s Horror Castle, players will encounter a wide variety of familiar Mario franchise elements in new environments that can be enjoyed solo or with friends.

  • Includes 80 outrageous new minigames that find players making pizzas, escaping haunted mansions, and racing snowmobiles.

  • No time to play through an entire stage? New minigame modes let players enjoy the action in smaller chunks of time. They can hone their skills at any minigame in Free Play mode or try the Extras mode that includes Goomba Bowling and the puzzle-based Castle Clearout.

  • Every time they play, players can earn Party Points that are used to unlock special items and features.

Mini-Game list

Mario Party 9 contains 44 free-for-all minigames which can be played by two, three or four players; 10 1-vs-Rivals minigames which can be played with three players instead of four to make it 2v1; 10 Bowser Jr Mini-games which are two player only; 14 Boss minigames which are playable by two, three or four players. Boss health is higher the more players there are and finally four extra minigames which can only be played in Extra Mode. A full breakdown of them all is below:-


Free for all Mini-Games
  • Buddy Bounce
  • Logger Heads
  • Pinball Fall
  • Launch Break
  • Goomba Village
  • Speeding Bullets
  • Pianta Pool
  • Chain Event
  • Skyjinks
  • Skipping Class
  • Mecha Choice
  • Jigsaw Jumble
  • Growing Up
  • Upward Mobility
  • Ring Leader
  • Smash Compactor
  • Peak Precision
  • 10 to Win
  • Tuber Tug
  • Card Smarts
  • Toad and Go seek
  • Polar Extreme
  • Goomba Bowling
  • Tumble Template
  • Twist Ending
  • Manor of Escape
  • Player Conveyor
  • Ballistic Beach
  • Bumper Bubbles
  • Flinger Painting
  • Bomb Barge
  • Don't Look
  • Snow Go
  • Piranha Patch
  • Plunder Ground
  • Pier Pressure
  • Billistics
  • Pit or Platter
  • Thwomper Room
  • Urn It
  • Goomba Spotting
  • Magma Mayhem
  • Pizza Me, Mario
  • Fungi Frenzy

Extra Minigames

  • Castle Clearout
  • Shell Soccer
  • Goomba Bowling
  • Perspective Mode
1-vs-Rivals Minigames
  • Ruins rumble
  • Hazard hold
  • Line in the Sand
  • Block and Roll
  • Tackle Takedown
  • Weird Wheels
  • Spike-n-Span
  • Hole Hogs
  • Pix Fix
  • Mob Sleds

Bowser Jr Minigames

  • Mecha March
  • Bowser Pop
  • Double Pounder
  • Zoom Room
  • Cage Match
  • Crossfire Caverns
  • Bumper Sparks
  • Sand Trap
  • Pair of Aces
  • Pedal to the Paddle

Boss Minigames

  • Sock it to Lakitu
  • Whomp Stomp
  • Deck Dry Bones
  • Cheep Cheep Shot
  • Spike Strike
  • Bowser Jr. Breakdown
  • Diddy's Banana Blast
  • Wiggler Bounce
  • Bombard King Bob-omb
  • King Boo's Puzzle Attack
  • Blooper Barrage
  • Chain Chomp Romp
  • Bowser's Block Battle
  • DK's Banana Bonus

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