Why Daisy Never Gets Kidnapped Anymore

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The following takes place before Super Mario Galaxy 2...

While the rest of his siblings were messing around with each other, Ludwig von Koopa of the seven Koopalings was reading a book on royalty. This book seemed to record all of the times Bowser had kidnapped Princess Peach (complete with pink, crayon-coloured hearts around pictures of Peach), but there one other princess that appeared to be crossed out; A woman with orange hair and a yellow dress, along with earrings shaped like daisies. This made Ludwig leave his bedroom and look for Bowser...

Ludwig finds Bowser in a hanger, ordering his loyal Goombas and Hammer Bros around as they push supplies onto his airship fleet.
"C'mon, faster! I can't kidnap Peach and conquer the galaxy without those crates of... stuff!" He yelled at his minions, before Ludwig cleared his throat to get Bowser's attention. "Ah, Ludwig. I told you before; You and your fellow Koopalings can't come with me and Jr into space."
"I understand that, but something else -or should I say, someone else- has peaked my curiosity..." Ludwig pointed out, before showing Bowser the book he was reading, opened at the picture with the crossed-out princess, which startled Bowser. "Why have we never attempted to kidnap this... 'Princess Daisy of Sarasaland?'" Bowser then leant down so he'd be face-to-face with Ludwig. And the Koopa King did not look happy...
"Because I say so." He replied, confusing Ludwig. "And I forbid you -or any of the Koopalings- to try and kidnap her! I'm leaving one of my airships behind just in case of a surprise attack here. And if it's damaged from something OTHER than defensive reasons, you will be punished! Is that clear?"
"Crystal, King Bowser." Ludwig replied, seeming unfazed by Bowser's warning.
"All right." Said Bowser. "Jr & I will be leaving as soon as the fleet's ready to go. And while we're gone, you're in charge." A few minutes later, Bowser and Bowser Jr flew out of the castle in the airship fleet. And once they were gone, a cheeky grin appeared on Ludwig's face.
"Oh, I'm in charge, all right..." He said to himself before running back inside.

When Ludwig made it back into his bedroom, he found the other six Koopalings staring back at him.
"What is it NOW, morons?" He asked.
"We all know da king put you in charge!" Roy pointed out, getting Ludwig's attention.
"How did you..?" He started asking, before seeing a sly look on Larry's face. "Still the 'Emperor of Eavesdropping,' are you?"
"You'd better believe it, buster!" Larry replied. "So how come he put YOU in charge?!"
"It should be me, since I'm the oldest!" Ludwig replied.
"No way! It should be me, since I'm the youngest!" Shouted Larry.
"But I'M the tallest!" Stated Iggy.
"I'm the shortest!" Said Lemmy.
"I'm the roughest!" Roy pointed out.
"I'm the ONLY girl!" Shouted Wendy.
"No, you're ALL wrong!" Yelled Morton. "The only one here that should be in charge is me. For I am the greatest of ALL the Koopalings! I will earn the Koopa King's respect, and take the throne after Jr's time has come! Only I will defeat those pesky perilous plumbers, and only I will turn them into pesky perilous-"
"SILENCE!" Ludwig yelled as he waved his wand at Morton's mouth, preventing the Koopaling with a star over his eye from making any noise. This made Morton bounce around in anger. "Now then... I'd like to draw your attention to this..."

Ludwig then showed the other six Koopalings the pages of the princess he questioned Bowser about.
"This is Daisy, Princess of Sarasaland." Ludwig pointed out, as a wave of jealousy washed over Wendy. "To this day, she has only been kidnapped once. And that was by some alien that that Wario loser hired. I just asked King Bowser why he's never attempted to kidnap this princess..."
"And?" Asked Larry.
"All he said was we were forbidden to try..." Ludwig replied.
"Well I say we ignore da Koopa King, and kidnap her!" Announced Roy, followed by Larry, Iggy, Lemmy, Morton & Wendy all raising their hands in agreement.
"You too, Wendy?" Asked Ludwig.
"Look at her. She thinks SHE'S a tomboy?!" Wendy pointed out, before stamping her feet. "I'll show her who the tomboy is around here!"
"All right, we've got a princess to kidnap!" Ludwig announced, making the rest of the Koopalings cheer, before all seven of them boarded the last of Bowser's airships and left the castle.

That afternoon, storm clouds gathered around a castle by the seaside (Daisy Circuit from Mario Kart Wii). Subjects of the princess's were starting to panic outside, making her stand out by a railing, wearing her yellow dress.
"What's going on?" She asked a Shy Guy who looked scared through his mask.
"Umm... it's B-B-Bowser! He's attacking Sarasaland!" He replied, just before Daisy spotted an airship approaching the castle.
"Man... and here I thought he'd learned from our last soccer match... get everyone to safety!" She said as she ran towards her wardrobe. "Time to put the scare into that Shell-for-Brains..." A minute or so later, the airship dropped the anchor close to the ground in front of the castle's front doors, and Ludwig stepped towards the bow of the ship, holding the tip of his wand under his chin.
"Attention, citizens of Sarasaland." He announced, with the sound of his voice amplified by his wand. "We are the Koopalings. Surrender your princess to us, and no harm shall come to you. Yet..." Mere moments later, Princess Daisy emerged from the castle's front doors, wearing her soccer uniform, complete with her matching armor (what Daisy wore in Mario Strikers Charged). "Now THAT'S loyalty, Sarasaland."
"They're not being loyal to you..." Daisy yelled, startling Ludwig, as well as the other Koopalings. So much so, that the other six Koopalings joined their brother at the bow of the ship. "They all know that I'm willing to take you losers on by myself." Hearing what Daisy told them, all seven Koopalings started laughing in a mocking way. They couldn't see because they were laughing too hard, but Daisy responded to their mocking laughter with a smirk.
"You... you think that a puny princess like you can take on all seven of us? The KOOPALINGS?!" Asked Larry, as he calmed down, but still unable to see Daisy's smirk. Though he did see her shrug, which concerned him slightly...

"Your funeral..." Daisy warned them, before she ran towards the anchor and started climbing up the chain, startling the Koopalings again. Once Daisy made it onto the deck, she landed a roundhouse kick on Larry's head, knocking him out immediately! Seeing what Daisy did to Larry, the other six Koopalings were shocked. "Anyone else?" Roy quickly leapt at Daisy, but she kicked him in the head too, knocking him out just as quickly!
"Lemmy! Send those bouncing baby balls her way!" Morton told his little brother. "Wendy, throw some rings around that rose! I know that her outfit's inspired by daisies, but then my joke wouldn't have-" Morton was inturrupted when Daisy landed a crystal fist in his face, knocking the rambler out cold.
"Does that guy ever shut up?" Daisy asked, before she caught one of Wendy's rings.
"You'll have to ask me when a REAL tomboy come out on top!" She yelled at Daisy, as she twirled in the air, but Daisy sweeped her leg under Wendy's, making the Koopaling girl trip.
"You mean me?" Daisy asked with a smirk on her face, making Wendy's head turn from pink-to-red in anger. With a scream, Wendy unleashed a plethora of rings that knocked out Lemmy and damaged the airship, but Daisy completely avoided! Wendy retreated back into her shell and attempted to ram at Daisy, but she bounced off of the mast, allowing Daisy to kick her off of the ship and back where she came! "Are you just gonna LET me win?"
"Yes, I am!" Iggy replied before jumping overboard. Ludwig unleashed a wave at magic towards Daisy, which she jumped over, but once she landed, she discovered THREE Ludwigs waiting for her!
"You really thought you could defeat me?" The three Ludwigs asked in unison, before they all unleashed waves of magic at Daisy. But she noticed something: Only one of the magic balls didn't appear to be see-through, which gave her an idea. Daisy leapt towards the one magic ball and gave it a big kick, sending it back to the one Ludwig that threw it, knocking him out and making the other two vanish!

Seeing what she had accomplished, Daisy licked her thumb and placed it on her hip in triumph, only for her to start waving her thumb, due to the heat it gave off. As Daisy was 'celebrating,' Larry came to, and was shocked to see the state of his fellow Koopalings, as well as the ship.
"Y... YOU did this?" He asked in complete shock.
"Oh, yeah." Daisy replied, before facing Larry. "Ready for Round Two, kid?" Larry was frightened by that question, especially when Daisy assumed a fighting stance,
"No-no, we'll leave you alone." He quickly replied as he dashed to the ship's wheel. "Just make your exit, and we'll go."
"Whatever. Later, losers!" Daisy exclaimed as she twirled down the chain, before landing on the ground and allowing the battered Koopalings to fly away. "And THAT is why I'm not playable in Smash Bros... cause I'm TOO good, baby!"

After the crash-landing back in Bowser's castle, the Koopalings got in touch with Bowser and Bowser Jr, who were successful in kidnapping Princess Peach. Again.
"Papa, it's the Koopalings!" Jr exclaimed, before getting a look at them. "Whoa, they look like they got their shells handed to 'em..." It was this that made Bowser turn to see the Koopalings with black eyes and bandages all over their bodies.
"You all decided to ignore my warning, and try to kidnap Princess Daisy... DIDN'T YOU?!" He shouted at them, making all seven Koopalings wince in guilt and pain. "Well, you're lucky my plan to rule the galaxy is going well. Otherwise, I'd be coming home right now to punish you all! But if my last airship isn't like it was when I left, you're all gonna regret it."
"Yes, King Bowser!" The Koopalings said as they all came to attention, before the transmission ended.
"How come we never kidnap her again, papa?" Asked Bowser Jr, making his father sigh.
"Cause she's rough." Bowser replied, before flashing back to when he first met Daisy (Mario Party 3, since they had no REAL introduction in Mario Tennis). "I can still remember the sting she gave me when I tried to take that stupid Milennium Star... and you remember your first Mario Kart Grand Prix, don't you? And that Strikers Tournament?" Hearing those, Bowser Jr flashed back to when Daisy continued to ram her's and Luigi's kart into his and Bowser's kart (Mario Kart: Double Dash!), before remembering the beating Daisy gave Jr's teammates as her teammates scored the winning goal (Mario Strikers Charged)...
"Oh, yeah." Jr said. "She's NOTHING like Princess Peach, right papa?" While Bowser nodded, he couldn't help but look at a photo of Daisy with Mario, Peach & Luigi.
"(And people wonder why I never kidnap her...)" He thought.


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