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Wario's Woods Review

Many of you would think that this is some sort of game that probably appears to be some kind of action game

With special power-ups, enemies, bosses, and a wide range of mind-bending levels, am I right? Well, think again, smartypants, because you are so dead wrong! This isn't anything like an action game. It's a puzzle game that aims to please--and it always makes a direct hit every time!

This is one of the better puzzle games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Not even Dr. Mario could compare with a beauty like this. Toad has wandered into Wario's forest, and Wario is not about to let him escape. What's a poor mushroom... type... person... dude... guy... thing... whatever... supposed to do? Wario has even sent monsters of different shapes and colors to get Toad. Luckily Toad knows these creatures' weakness: They must be stacked or lined up according to color, and a bomb must be placed by, between, on top of, or underneath two or more of the same color. Only then can Toad escape this wretched place... or so it would seem.

Gameplay: 10 out of 10

Like I said, this is one of the best puzzle games I have ever experienced in the sixteen years that I have thus lived so far. Compared to this, Dr. Mario is so simple a newborn could beat it.

Japanese artwork of Wario's Woods showing Toad taking on Warios monsters

Graphics: 10 out of 10
Basic NES-style graphics, but still a work of art.

Music and Sound: 10 out of 10
It's so fun to hear the music in this game, you'll possibly have it stuck in your head for hours and won't even complain about it!

Playability: 10 out of 10
Though a simple and basic puzzle game, it gets more challenging as you play. This game is very easy to figure out how to play and use the controls, and I guarantee that you will be playing it for so many hours on end, that you'll forget to even come to dinner... every day for the rest of your life!

Overall Score: 40 out of 40 = 10 out of 10
Super fun, super addictive, super cool, super hard to stop playing, and super plus any other good adjective you can think of for this game, Wario's Woods is sure to delight NES owners and haters alike of all ages. A true masterpiece with the potential to make your day less miserable than it probably is, this game will go down in history as a true work of art, made possible by the fine game makers of Nintendo.

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