The Secret of Yoshi's Island

Story originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on February 24th, 2004 by Yoshi's Fan


Chapter 1

( Yoshi and Boshi are sleeping but a loud noise wakes them up.)

Boshi: Yoshi, what was that?

Yoshi: I think that noise came from the new airport there building.

Boshi: When will they finish because I can't take much more of this!

Yoshi: They'll finish by 3:00 so calm down.

Boshi: Let's go see this Mario person now. I want revenge from when he beat me in that race we had when our island was called Yoster's Isle.

Yoshi: Alright.

( They leave using the warp pipe to visit Mario at his house.

Luigi: Hi Yoshi! Who's your friend?

Boshi: I'm his cousin Boshi. Where's Mario?

Luigi: He left to see Princess Peach.

Boshi: Is she the princess you've told me about?

Yoshi: Yes.

Boshi: Then lets go!

( They leave to find Mario standing in front of the castle.)

Yoshi: Mario, what happened?

Mario: Bowser and a group of Yoshi's took Peach!

Boshi: Why would Yoshis join with Bowser?

Mario: I don't know but Bowser said he used something called the Yoshi Gem..

Yoshi: Oh no!

Mario: What?

Yoshi: If the Yoshi Gem is touched by someone evil, all Yoshis on the island turn evil!

Boshi: Since we were here, we weren't affected.

Mario: Then what will we do?

Yoshi: The only way is to unlock the secret of the island.

Mario: Where did you learn that?

Yoshi: On some old stone tablet we saw in the Yoshi caves.

Boshi: Mario, leave this to us.

Mario: Alright but take this cell phone if you need help.

( Mario gives them the cell phone.)

Boshi: C'mon Yoshi, let's go unlock the secret!

( Yoshi and Boshi leave)

Yoshi: They finished the airport so we can take the plane.

Boshi: Alright.

( 3 hours later)

Yoshi: We made it back!

Boshi: The island is all black.

Yoshi: Come on Boshi. We have to save Peach.

Boshi: OK.

( They go to the Yoshi Caves)

Yoshi: The tablet says that we have to find 6 items to open the passage way.

Boshi: What do we need?

Yoshi: A Koopa Shell, A Mushroom, A Bean Fruit, A Neon Yoshi Egg, A Pow Block and an Oho Jee Pants.

Boshi: Well we better leave if we want to get these things.

Yoshi: Let's go.


Chapter 2

Yoshi: What item should we try to find first Boshi?

Boshi: Which ever one is the closest.

Yoshi: Then let's get the Koopa Shell.

Boshi: But Where will we find one?

Yoshi: At Koopa Village of course!

Boshi: Let's take the plane because it will be faster.

Yoshi: But I don't have enough money..

Boshi: I'll pay for you so let's go.

Yoshi: Alright.

( They leave to go to Koopa Village)

Boshi: Now what?

Yoshi: Let's ask Kooper.

( They go to Kooper's House)

Kooper: Hi Yoshi! Who's your friend?

Boshi: I'm Boshi!

Yoshi: Kooper, I need to ask you a favour.

Kooper: Ask away!

Yoshi: Well...

Boshi: We need your shell!

Kooper: No way!! I can't live without it. Why don't you ask Koover?

Yoshi: Sure.

Boshi: Are you sure he'll give his shell to us?

Yoshi: Maybe.

Boshi: I hope he says yes.

Yoshi: There he is! Hey Koover!

Koover: Hey Yoshi! What do you want?

Yoshi: Can we have your shell?

Koover: No way! Why don't you take one from an evil one?

Yoshi: Alright.

( They leave Koopa Village)

Boshi: Where will we find an evil Koopa Troopa?

Yoshi: On Plesant Path of course.

Boshi: There's one right there!

Yoshi: You wack it with your tail and I'll steal it's shell.

Boshi: Sure.

( They use their plan and they steal the shell.)

Boshi: Alright!

Yoshi: One down and five to go.


Chapter 3

Boshi: What item should we get next?

Yoshi: Let's get the Pow Block and Mushroom.

Boshi: Where will we get those?

Yoshi: At Toad Town of course.

Boshi: Let's go!

( They leave for Toad Town)

Yoshi: There's the store! Let's go!

( They enter the store)

Yoshi: We need a Pow Block and a mushroom.

Store Manager: We have a Pow Block but no mushrooms.

Boshi: What??!!

Yoshi: But I thought that Toad Town always had mushrooms!

Store Manager: I'm soory but the Mushroom Tree died.

Boshi: Mushrooms don't grow on trees!

Store Manager: They do in Toad Town.

Yoshi: Now what do we do?

Store Manager: Why don't you go to Banbean Castle Town and get one there?

Boshi: Good idea! Yoshi, grab the Pow Block and let's go!

Yoshi: Alright.

( They head for the Airport and leave for the Beanbean Castle Town.)

Yoshi: There's the mart let's go!

Boshi: Wait!!

( Yoshi falls into a Hole)

Yoshi: Ow! Who dug this hole?

Boshi: The people here did. The sign says Caution! Deep Pit Ahead!

Yoshi: Now what do I do?

Boshi: I'll go to the castle and get a rope.

Yoshi: Hurry!

( Boshi heads for the castle.)

Boshi: Hello! Is any one home!!?

???: Who are you?

Boshi: I am Boshi! Who are you?

???: I am Queen Bean

Boshi: I need a rope!

Queen Bean: Why?

Boshi: Because my friend Yoshi fell in a pit and I need a rope to rescue him.

Queen Bean: Alright. Wait a second.

( Queen Bean comes back with a rope.)

Queen Bean: You better hurry.

Boshi: Alright.

( Boshi leaves.)

Boshi: Yoshi! Grab the rope!

( Yoshi grabs the rope.)

Yoshi: Thanks Boshi.

Boshi: Let's go to the shop.

Yoshi: Okay.

( They go to the shop.)

Yoshi: We need a Mushroom.

Store Manager: 18 coins please.

Boshi: Here you go.

Store Manager: Alright. Thanks to the gold mine in Peach found in the Mushroom Kingdom, the exchange rate is balanced.

Yoshi: Thanks!

( They leave)

Yoshi: 3 down and 3 to go.


Chapter 4

Boshi: Yoshi, what item should we get next?

Yoshi: Let's get the Bean Fruit.

Boshi: Do you know how to get a Bean Fruit?

Yoshi: Not really.

Boshi: Let's ask Queen Bean.

Yoshi: Sure.

( They go to Beanbean Castle)

Boshi: Do you know how to get a Bean Fruit?

Queen Bean: No, I don't but why don't you ask the people Yoshi Theater?

Yoshi: Sure. Where is it?

Quuen Bean: Go west then north from here.

Boshi: Thanks.

(They Leave)

Yoshi: Come on Boshi!

Boshi: I'm sorry but this annoying Lakipea is throwing Spinpeas at me!

Yoshi: Take this!

( Yoshi throws an egg bomb at the Lakipea and it dies)

Boshi: Thanks!

Yoshi: Let's keep moving.

( 2000 Yoshi Steps later..)

Yoshi: We've finally made it!

Boshi: Yoshi I'm tired. Why don't we watch a movie?

Yoshi: Fine. Which one is the shortest?

Boshi: This one called The Legend of Zelda.

Yoshi: Sure let's watch it.

( After the movie)

Yoshi: Let's leave now.

Boshi: After the credits.

Yoshi: Alright.

( 2 hours later)

Yoshi: Boshi!!!

Boshi: They'll finish eventually.

( Eventually)

Yoshi: Boshi!!! It's been 5 hours!

Boshi: Alright.Let's now.

Yoshi: We still have to ask someone about how to find Bean Fruits!

Boshi: Let's ask him on the stage.

Yoshi: Alright.

( They ask the man on the stage)

Yoshi: Do you know how to get Bean Fruits?

Old Man: Yes. Just dig where flowers circle an area. Okay?

Boshi: That's it?

Old Man: Yes.

Boshi: Oh my gosh!

Yoshi: Let's go find some Bean Fruits!

( They leave the theater.)

Boshi: Theres two flower beds right there!

Yoshi: You dig in one, and I'll dig in one.

Boshi: Alright.

( They both dig and each find a bean fruit.)

Yoshi: Alright!

Boshi: But Yoshi, we have two!

Yoshi: Leave this to me.

( Yoshi eats one.)

Boshi: What did you do that for?!

( Yoshi lays a Neon Egg)

Yoshi: That's why. Now we have two more items.

Boshi: Just one more to go!

Yoshi: But we have to find a way to cross the ocean though.

Boshi: But can't we swim?

Yoshi: I can't. I'm H2o intolerent.

Boshi: Then how did you help Mario in Super Mario World & Super Mario World 2?

Yoshi: I just got H2o intolerent yesterday!

Boshi: Sure you did. I bet your scared!

Yoshi: I am not and to prove it, I will swim across the ocean!

Boshi: Well then, the challange is on!

( They head right to the ocean)

Yoshi: Well, here we are.

Boshi: Maybe we shouldn't.

Yoshi: Now who's scared?

Boshi: I'm not it's just that...

Yoshi: Your scared?

Boshi: No. uhh....

( Yoshi pushes Boshi into the ocean and he jumps in after.)

Boshi: What did you do that for?

Yoshi: I'll race you!

Boshi: Fine but I'll win!


Chapter 5

( Boshi and Yoshi are swimming in Oho Ocean)

Boshi: There's the island!

Yoshi: I'm going to beat you there!

Boshi: No way!

Yoshi: Were almost there!

( 10 mins. later)

Boshi: I won!

Yoshi: You got lucky.

Boshi: I won because of skill!

Yoshi: No, you one because I had to make sure that these 5 eggs didn't drown

Boshi: Why do you have those eggs any way?

Yoshi: Each one has one of the items in it.

Boshi: Well let's continue.

Yoshi: There's a Oho Jee. Let's ask him.

Boshi: Sure.

( They walk up to an Oho Jee

Oho Jee: Who You?

Boshi: I'm Boshi and this Yoshi

Yoshi: Can you give me an Oho Jee Pants?

Oho Jee: I not know.

Boshi: Shut up and tell us how to get them!

Yoshi: Boshi! Watch your language!

Boshi: Sorry.

Oho Jee: Go to temple.

Boshi: Let's go.

( They reach the temples.)

Yoshi: Look! There's two temples!

Boshi: I'll go in one and you'll go in one

Yoshi: Alright.

( In the Fire Temple)

Yoshi: Wow! Look at this place!

( Yoshi sees a door)

Yoshi: Maybe I should go in there...

( Yoshi goes in and sees another door)

Yoshi: I guess I should continue.

(Yoshi enters and sees a giant red ball)

Yoshi: Cool! Look at that!

( He touches it and his hand is on fire)

Yoshi: What is this?

Voice: Touch an Oho Jee with this power to get what you seek..

Yoshi: I'd better tell Boshi!

( Meanwhile..)

Boshi: This temple is boring.

( He sees a door followed by another door)

Boshi: I'll just go in both.

( He goes in and sees a giant blue ball)

Boshi: Yawn... I wonder what this does..

( He touches it and his hand is electrified)

Boshi: What is this?!

Voice: Touch a Oho Jee with this power to get what you seek..

Boshi: I'd better tell Yoshi!

( They meet out side the temples)

Boshi & Yoshi: We have to touch an Oho Jee with my power!

Both: Huh? You mean..You got one two?

Boshi: Then who should touch one?

Yoshi: I'll touch one and you'll touch one.

Boshi: Sure

( They both touch one and they become monsters)

Boshi: I guess we should K.O. them?

Yoshi: Sure.

( They both throw egg and they turn to normal with Oho Jee Pants)

Oho Jees: Tke these.

Both: Thanks!

Yoshi: Now we have all the items!

Boshi: Next Stop, Yoshi Island!


Chapter 6

Boshi: How will we get to Yoshi's Island from here?

Yoshi: Well use the airport. Now let's go!

Boshi: They made one here? Why doesn't any one tell me these things!?

( They head for the airport)

Yoshi: 2 tickets to Yoshi's Island please.

Attendant: Sorry, that flight is all booked in.

Boshi: You mean to tell us that there is no more planes?!

Attendent: Well if you go there and transfer there, and catch the 4:00 there you would travel there and transfer there and if you catch the 7:00 there and if you transfer there and jump off there....

( 5 hours 45 minutes later)

Attendent: so if you transfer there you will reach Yoshi's Island in 500 years.

Yoshi: Zzzzzzz....

Boshi: Zzzzzzz....

Attendent: Were you listening to what I was saying?!!!!!

( Yoshi & Boshi wake up)

Both: Yes.....yawn....

Boshi: Why can't we just wait f:or the 3:00 which leaves in 10 min.?

Attendent: Well that works to.

( 3 hours later)

Boshi: We're back at Yoshi's Island.

Yoshi: C'mon! Let's go.

( At Yoshi Caves)

Yoshi: Well, I think we put the items in the slot there.

Boshi: Alright then.

( They insert the items and a door opens)

Yoshi: Let's go.

( They enter and see a deserted ancient city)

Boshi: Wow! Where are we?

Yoshi: We must be in the lost city of Yoshantis!

Boshi: Look! Over There!

( They see a green crystal)

Yoshi: That must be it!

Boshi: Then let's grab it!

( Yoshi grabs it)

Yoshi: Well, let's go to Bowser's Castle.

Boshi: Let's take this 1 000 year old warp pipe!

Yoshi: Are you sure it's safe?

Boshi: I don't know but lets take a chance.

( They jump in and a Giant Koopa Pops out)

Koopa: Grrrrrawlllll!!!!!!!

( It blasts them away.)

( In the sky)

Yoshi: Boshi you fool!

Boshi: What are you yelling at me for? I didn't ( Booooooom)

( They crash in front of Bowser's Castle)

Boshi: Well that was convinent.

Yoshi: Well then.....

Boshi: Let's Go.


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