The Lost Wallet

Story originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on March 30th, 2004 by YoshiGuy

The Adventures of Yoshi and Toad in: The Lost Wallet

(Yoshi and Toad are walking down the street)

Yoshi- Hey look! I found a wallet.

Toad- How much money is in it?

Yoshi- Wait! It says “Do not open this”.

Toad- Well, who does it belong to?

Yoshi- I have no clue.

Toad- Maybe the food shop over there has the wallet’s owner.

Yoshi- Let’s go!

(They go into the food shop.)

Toad- Let’s get some cereal.

(They buy some Trix cereal and sit down to eat it)

Yoshi- I’ll ask those guys.

(Yoshi asks a bunch of Toads.)

A Toad- Nope

Another Toad- No

Another Toad- That isn’t mine.

Once again, A Toad- Uuummm. No.

(Yoshi starts asking more Toads)

Toad- Where’s Yoshi?

A voice- Can I have some cereal?

Toad- What? Who said that?

Trix Bunny- I must have Trix. (He takes the cereal)

Toad- (Taking it back) Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids.

Trix Rabbit- Oh Crap! (He leaves)

Yoshi- Toad! I know who it belongs to.


Yoshi- I Don’t Know.

Toad- Stop joking and find it’s REAL owner.

Yoshi- I did. His name is “I Don’t Know”. He lives in I Don’t Know Caves.


Yoshi- Lets go!

(in I Don’t Know Caves)

Yoshi- Hello.

I Don’t Know- Who’s there?

Toad- We have your wallet.

I Don’t Know- Wait! Do you see the note!

Yoshi- You mean the one that says “Do not open this”.

I Don’t Know- Yes Dinohead. To break the curse of keeping it closed, you must bring me 2 things.

Toad- CURSE!!!!

Yoshi- What do we need?

I Don’t Know- You need a hair from the Princess and a dead koopa.


Yoshi- Got it. Come on Toad!

(in the Castle)

Yoshi- (whispering) Peach and Mario are exercising.

Toad- I’ll cut a piece of her hair while she’s not looking.

(Toad aims for her hair but accidentally cuts her dress. Her dress falls down)

Mario- How are you doing Pea... Wow!


Toad­- Oooppps...

Peach- (Turns around covering herself) YOSHI!! TOAD!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!!!

Yoshi- We need a piece of your hair because....

Toad- Yoshi has a girl friend. (Toad takes a hair)

Peach- YOU ARE BOTH DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoshi and Toad- AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (Peach starts chasing them)

Toad- Jump out the window! (They jump out of the window).

Yoshi- That was close.

Toad- Lets get the koopa.

Yoshi- Okay!

(They walk down the street and see a koopa)

Yoshi- There’s one!

Toad- Let’s kill it!

Koopa-AAAHHH!!(He jumps into the river)

Toad- Damn it!

Yoshi- Don’t worry. I see more over there.

Toad- Let’s get the little guy.

Little Koopa- EEEEEKK!

Toad- Get him before he runs away.

Little Koopa- Hault! I have a gun!

Yoshi and Toad- Oh Crap! (They start running)

Little Koopa- (shooting his gun) Get back here!!!

Toad- AAAAHHHH!!!!!

Yoshi- We lost him.

Toad- And he shot another koopa – and it’s dead. Let’s bring him.

Yoshi- Okay.

Toad- Carry him on your back.

Yoshi- OH COME ON!!!!!!

Toad- Let’s go.

Yoshi- Man this is gross!

(In I Don’t Know’s Cave)

Toad- We have the items.

I Don’t Know- Good! Put Peach’s hair in the wallet.

Yoshi- Okay. (He does)

I Don’t Know- Now Wait!

(The curse breaks)

I Don’t Know- There. Problem solved!

Toad- But what was the dead koopa for.

I Don’t Know- My lunch.


Yoshi- Let’s go!

Toad- Okay.

Yoshi- Bye I Don’t Know.

I Don’t Know- See ya.

Toad- I’m glad that’s over.

Peach-(walking down the street in another dress) IM NOT THROUGH WITH YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoshi- RUN!(Peach starts chasing them)

Toad- AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

The End?

Luigi- How come I’m not in this story?

Toad- Who cares!

Yoshi- Stay tuned for the next episode of “The Adventures of Yoshi and Toad”!

The Real End

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