Super Mario Land 2 (Game Boy) Review by barkera
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Super Mario Land 2 (Game Boy) Review

Super Mario Land 2: Another Fantastic Mario Game!

Introduction: Super Mario is the sequel to Super Mario Land. It is just as good if not probably better and is one of the best Mario games ever! It is also a big improvement on the first Super Mario Land.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics on this game are very good. Mario looks good and is very detailed. All the levels scenery looks good and is very clever. Though some of the scenery is a bit repetitive. The coins and all the items look fantastic and all the enemies and bosses look good too. The items and all the things you need to collect look really nice. They are all very different, unique but still don't look bad. In fact quite the opposite they look very good.

Sound: 10/10

This game has outstanding sound. It is very addictive and you will be humming it for hours. All the levels music is very different and all very good. When Mario jumps on an enemy it also sound very good. There is also some sound effects when Mario picks up and item, this is also very good sound. The bonus levels also have good sound and maybe even better than the normal levels music. Going through pipes also makes a good sound.

Controls: 9/10

The controls in Super Mario Land 2 are also very good. They are all very simple controls and will not take a lot of practice to get used too. The only downside is that when Mario picks up a transforming item the controls can change and become a little more complex. But the controls for these will still not take too much practice to get very good at. You will occasionally also want to go back to an easy level and get even better at the controls which can be a lot of fun.

Winged Cap Mario in Super Mario Land 2Replay Value: 8/10

Once you have beaten the game there is quite a bit to go back and do. For one thing you can go back and try to collect as many coins as you can which will provide hours of entertainment. You can also go back and try to beat your fastest time on a level. Otherwise you will probably just want to play this game from the beginning again. There is a lot to do. You can also try to beat Wario again.

Challenge: 9/10

This game is quite challenging. Some levels are very hard while others are quite easy. Most levels will not take too much practice to get good at but some will still take quite a bit. Some bosses in this game are also quite challenging and will take some practice to beat. The final boss at the end of the game is very challenging. Not only is he difficult to defeat getting to him maybe even harder. This will require heaps of practice, skill and overall a lot of patience .

Rent or Buy?

This game is for sure a buy. This game is a lot of fun but also quite challenging. There is a lot to do in this game and it wall keep you entertained and addicted for ages. If you are a Mario fan this is a must get game. I am almost one-hundred percent sure you will love this game from the start to finish.

Overall: 9/10

This game is a lot of fun and will keep you entertained. If you are a Mario fan this game will give you even more enjoyment. There is a lot to do and you won't lose interest quickly if ever. When you get this game I hope you have as much fun with it as I and many others have.

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