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Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Super Mario Bros. 3 NES


Bowser hard mode (by coldkiller)
Ok you need to be raccoon Mario or Tanooki Mario. Head toward the room full of donut blocks with fireballs and lava in the bottom. Head to the top middle section with a item block. Head to the back and run toward the lava then fly up and then toward the right at the top section. Alright the rooms are a little different.


The Bowser statues are on pedestals and no item block after. The lava room shoots fire forward and backwards. hard huh? Then when you fight Bowser the broken blocks are almost everywhere and there is a little spot where Bowser can fall and die. Oh Bowser goes very fast and jumps lower than usual. takes long time to beat. I had to try it 5 times. good luck if you are going for the challenge!


Change forms
Press Select while playing a normal game to change into different Marios or Luigis (Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf, Frog, Tannokie, and Hammer Brother).


Extra items
Go to a mushroom house and choose a treasure box. Press Start, save the game, and quit. Repeat everything again to get a number of extra items, depending on how many times this is repeated.


Get loads of lives for free at World 3-9
Kick a Koopa shell between the second and third Bullet Bill cannons after a few shots are fired you will gain points, then after that you'll get a life for each time a shot is fired.

Getting the boot
Hold Y and press Select.

Getting flutes
Enter the fortress at the first place with a cape. Go all the way to the end of the first part. Hit the dinosaur that is made out of bones. Then, go back near the door, quickly run to the ledge just before the lava, and fly up to the top of the screen. Press Right while moving towards the top of the screen. After reaching the top, press Up to reach a new room.

In World 1-3, you can get a flute by standing on the last white block in the level. Keep pressing Down until you fall through the block, then hold X to run fast to the end. You will get the flute instead of the card.

In World 2, the Sand World, there are two Hammer Bros. right before the "castle". Defeat the Hammer Bro. that gives you the hammer at the end. Then, take it to the upper right-hand corner, face to the right, and break the block. Enter the passage that leads to a Fire Chomp battle. Defeat the two opponents to get a flute.

Hidden blocks
When the level has a starry background, look for stars that stick out (of a different colour to the majority), in front of these you will find hidden blocks with either coins or items in.


How do get to Bowser's world fast (by coldkiller)
Ok you need to get 2 warp whistles in world 1. The first one is in 3rd level near the end stand up then duck on the white block until you fall. Run toward the end behind the black curtain to be in a secret place with the whistle. The other whistle is in the fortress. Go where the first dry bones is found.


Stomp on it then fly toward the left and head up toward the right until your in another secret are where another whistle can be found. Now beat world 1. When your in world 2 use it and choose world 7. then use the other whistle to head toward world 8. There you have it!


Mario climbs on air
Go to the two platforms right after the Hammer Bros. in level 3-1 and get on the lowest platform. Jump to make the vine come out on the right side of the platform. Then, drop down and slowly walk off the edge of the cliff you are standing on. You now should be climbing on air. Note: If you run against the bottom stair, press Right when you are in the air to slide across the cliff.


N-Spade Card Game combinations

Here are the eight different combinations used throughout Super Mario Bros. 3 In the N-Spade Card games, the board used is chosen randomly from a selection of eight combinations according to the number of points you have at the time, but it will ALWAYS match one of the eight setups below. You can usually tell which setup the board is using after taking one or two guesses, and then use the guide below to get all the lives, handy huh.


Combination 1

Combination 2

Combination 3

Combination 4

Combination 5

Combination 6

Combination 7

Combination 8

Discovering this freaked me out but there you go... if you stand next to a chain chomp too long (When someone's on the phone when your trying to play) it breaks free and leaps at Mario/Luigi. hehe quite good...

Swim in lava on battleships
In World 8 Battleships, you can swim in lava without dieing. It is possible to swim the entire level beneath these ships if done properly.

The Underground
To do the following you must have a P-Wing (strange huh...) and it is for use on the following worlds: 1-2, 3-4, and 6-8. On the grassy levels mario can access tunnels under the ground and skip nearly the entire level in them... not that it matters with a P-Wing because you practically skip the level anyway

White Mushroom Houses
In these houses you always get either a P-Wing or an anchor, depending on the amount of coins you have at the time will decide which you are given. There are one of these houses in all worlds except world 8.

World 8
To get to World 8, first go to stage 1-3. Near the end of the stage is a white block. Hold Down until you fall down to the ground. Run across the screen behind the bushes until reaching the end of the level. Run behind the blackness until you enter toad's room. Get the whistle. Next, go to the Mid Castle. Get the first mushroom if you are small, and continue until reaching the door, but do not enter.Get the Leaf and destroy the Bone Koopa. Run back and forth until you reach full speed.


Then, fly up next to the lava and over the ceiling. When you can not go any further to the right, press Up and enter the room. Pick up the chest containing a whistle. Now complete World 2 up until the pyramid level. Make sure you have a hammer from the Hammer Bros. and go to the top right side of the screen. Hit the rock next to the palm tree and move right. Defeat the fire thieves to get the whistle. Finally, summon three whistles. They will take you to world 8.

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