Super Mario Bros 2 Review by Yazuka/Sunshine
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Super Mario Bros 2 Review

My(Sunshine’s) review to the sequel in the serie, SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 2. This game is made by Nintendo 1989. 4 years after the first one.

I’m not sure, but I think this game was supposed to be not ”super mario bros.2”, but another one. But they made it to the second one in the serie. You can see this at some points, like Koopa ain’t here, instead somebody else named Wart(maybe Koopas brother) that rules the world and you must defeat him instead. This game is the most unlike all the Super Mario games in the serie, from Super mario brothers 1 to Mario Party. And maybe that’s why it’s not that popular as the other ones. But still, it is a good game(to be at Nes).

(All stuff is just compared to other consoles, not compared to other consoles, because then the score would be all different.)

Graphic: Graphic is better than the other Super Mario Bros-game, and characters and enemies are painted in another way, not like in SMB 1. But graphic is quite good especially to be a 10 year-old game we’re talking about here.)

Score graphic: 7.8/10
Music/Sound: Music and Sound are quite ok here also. But the graphic is better than the music. I don’t know why, but here is not the old classic Mario-music and no cool other music. No, music is nothing extraordinary. Sound is also quite ok, but as the one before, nothing awesome.

Score Music/Sound: 6.8/10
Control: Control is what I think a little bit less good than in the first one, maybe coz these games are so different. But control is still at top, maybe a little bit down. You can play as Luigi, Mario, Toad and the Princess which is a new way since SMB 1.

Mario, Luigi, Princess and Toad the cast of Super Mario Advance

Score control: 8.2/10
Challenge: This game is harder than the first one. There are a lot of stages and enemies and bosses. When I think about it, I must have beat SMB 1 ten times more than SMB 2, thanks to the largeness in the sequel. Going thru all stages to the last one is a real job. One of the hardest Super Mario-games I know.

Score challenge: 8.8/10
Funniness: It’s always the first game that gets the gold medallion, the other ones are not important. It’s like World Championship in Sevilla here, Maurice Greene won 100 meters at 9.80 and he was at everybody’s lips again, but nobody ever cared about Bruny Surin that came at second place. Only first place all the time, which I think is a bit uncool. But that’s how life is, and I guess this game isn't ao exception. Many guys give SMB 1 10 in score just because it is the first one(I did) but nobody cares about this game.

Ok, I must say the first one is most classic, but just because that game is good, this game mustn’t be bad. I think this game is better than SMB 1, but not that classic. Still everything, this game is good. Control, story, graphic, music, challenge yeah everything makes a nice new kind of Super Mario Bros game. Ok, this game is different than the others, but still it is good. And funny. More funny/Interesting game to the Nes you have to look for.

Score Funniness: 9.1/10
Overall: Yeah, as you now know, I kind of like this game in a way. And you can guess the score right now. Ok, SMB 1 is not better, but that’s the first one and it must be treated as the legend so I guess this game is just seen as another game among all others. Still, I can say this game has some good sides and is one of the better nes-games.

Overall score: 8.7/10 Wart, the main bad guy in Super Mario Advance
TOTAL SCORE(Score on a line between 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10):9/10

Last wicked line: The sequel to the legend. Could it be treated the same way? No, cuz it’s the second one. But it is better than the first

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