Super Mario 64 Review by Scott
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Super Mario 64 Review

What an impact this game made on the industry. Mario has always set the standard for platform games and his first 3-D adventure made those standards even higher. This along with Ocarina of time were the best games on the N64. They were the games to have on the Nintendo 64. But I'm sure you all want to know why. I shall try to explain but you really have to play this for yourself to discover how great it is.

Mario games always seem to get the same old boring story. This time, wait for it, Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser! What a surprise. Anyway its set up slightly different, at the start you get a letter of the princess saying she's baked a cake for you. When you get there its revealed what has happened to the princess. The castle is the perfect setting for the story and the idea of jumping through walls to get to levels is really fun.

Now that the 'cube is out the graphics don't seem that good, but in their day they were spectacular. Everyone who played the game was amazed how they managed to change the 2D character into a 3D. The vast levels really impressed, and the attention to detail was very good. Nintendo certainly done a very good job here!

Now were talking. Perfect! That's all there is to it! It has one of my favourite sound tracks. Check our downloads section for a little taster. It has some remixed classic tunes and some new ones. All of which kind of meet the Mario theme. The little plumbers quotes also are a great addition. Perfect in every way!

Bowser chargrilling Mario in the Mario 64 artwork set

Game play
The game is simply outstanding here! It really does set a standard that no platformer will ever beat. Mario has a vast range of skills and them complete with the huge levels it feels great. He can do all sorts of things such as jump, flip, slide, and fly. But most importantly its controls are perfect. The missions also add to the fun. You have to collect all 120 power stars. There's a certain amount in each level and hidden ones scattered all over the castle. The missions on the levels are set up very well. Another great thing is the under water missions, they play so well. Everything in this area has been designed to perfection. You can tell that Nintendo really spent lots of time making everything as good as it can be. That time most certainly paid off too!

There's 120 power stars its going to take quite a while to find them all! You wont get bored all the way through the game and even when you do find that last star mark my words you'll be playing it back through in no time. There's so many secrets in the game its enough to keep you going for ages. In other word your going to spend quite a big bit of your life in front of the TV playing this!

Well worth the money. Every aspect of this game has been polished to perfection hence the score 10/10. Only on very rare occasions do we give that because its so hard to find a perfect game, but this is one! I for one cant find a single problem in the entire game. A truly refreshing experience. If you don't have an N64 this is the reason to go and get one and if you already have get this game. Especially now you can pick up N64 games for next to nothing!


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