Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) Cheats & Tips
Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) Cheats, Hints and Tips

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You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo 3DS)


1-Up's at the flag

Carry any item to the flag pole and when you cross it it'll become an extra life.


End of Level Balloons

Cross the flag with the timer ending on six and you'll get celebratory Balloons!



How to get infinite lives in level 4-1 of Super Mario 3D Land by IGN


It'sa me.... Luigi!

To unlock the ability to play as Luigi you need to beat Worlds 1-8, and go to Special World 1 Castle - this is where Luigi is being held prisoner, set him free then tap the green L on the touch screen and it'll switch Mario for Luigi.


P-Wing to the rescue

If you fail a single level ten times, you are granted a P-Wing from Super Mario Bros. 3 enabling you to skip the level.


Save file Stars

There are 5 shiny save file stars to be unlocked and here's how you can get them:-

Star        How to unlock

Star 1     Defeat Bowser in World 8

Star 2     Successfully complete every level in the game while playing as Mario

Star 3     Successfully complete every level in the game while playing as Luigi

Star 4     At the end of every level in the game (including the levels in Special World) make sure you land on the very top of the flag pole (Gold Flag)

Star 5     Obtain every star coin in the game (including the ones from Special World)


Secret detector Mario

Watch Mario very carefully and look where he looks, he might just point you in the direction of some secrets.


Special World

Complete World 8 to unlock this world.


Testing stage
Wait at the title screen and you will get a preview of a level, continue waiting and eventually you'll be taken to a test level enabling you to practise and complete a 3D puzzle.


Toads Photo House

In World 3 there is a blue Toad house with its own unique icon. Within this Toad House you can view an album of pictures at first you can only see a very small numbers, but the more you progress through the game the more photos will be accessible. Here's how to unlock more photographs:-


Photograph    How to unlock

Photo #1      Already visible from the start
Photo #2      Complete World 1.
Photo #3      Complete World 2.
Photo #4      Complete World 3.
Photo #5      Complete World 4.
Photo #6      Complete World 5.
Photo #7      Complete World 6.
Photo #8      Complete World 7.
Photo #9      Beat the game with Mario.
Photo #10    Beat the game with Luigi.
Photo #11    Unlock the Special World after beating the game once.
Photo #12    Complete all of the Special Worlds, then beat the game again.

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