SSX On Tour (Cameo)
SSX On Tour

Release dates

Australia Unconfirmed
Europe October 20th, 2005
Japan November 24th, 2005
N.America October 11th, 2005


General information

Platform: GameCube

Developed by EA

Published by Nintendo

Players: 1-2



Overview / Cameo Details

SSX on Tour will let you experience exciting features like reaching breakneck speeds, catching huge air, and becoming an icon. Create a skier or a rider. You can build a career as you progress, from a slope-side wannabe turning into a black-diamond-dominating Rockstar. With your reputation as stake on the line, you must make sure that you look good in competing for medals and/or especially in tearing up the massive new mountain. In order to out-style your competitors, you must pull off jaw-dropping monster tricks while hurtling down the slopes using your abilities of supersonic speeds. In SSX On Tour, you are the one to create the hype and the hype creates a legend.

SSX On Tour was built from critically acclaimed gameplay of SSX franchise. This game features all-new player customization that gives players the chance to join the Tour. This game is also packed with multiplayer options, all-new highly detailed tracks, different new stylish player customization options and exciting new monster tricks.

Key features:

  • Player must develop their ego: Create an alter ego then join the world of SSX action. You can define your style either a boarder or a skier using tons of customizable assets that includes licensed equipment, different hairstyles, and useful accessories.
  • The exciting tour: to become the ultimate black-diamond rockstar, one must create a snow-slicing and gravity defying mountain icon, also you must climb the ranks of the circuit.
  • The all-new shred challenges: by dominating off-track races that recreate the way you face off on the slopes, you can raise your status on the mountain. You’ll be ready for the first stop of the tour once you have proven yourself in the shreds
  • New stimulating tracks: There are 12 new tracks to explore day or night brought to you by SSX on Tour. Without a glitch as you explore all four unique sections of the mountain, no details is tiny in this varied environment, from full of crowd groomers to powder fields that are untouched.
  • Tips for try on twin: In all-new skiing, you can create tricks in a very unique way and/or add another dimension you can use to the racing gameplay.
  • Monster tricks and huge air: resist gravity and by using a touch of the right analog stick, you can throw down the all-new monster tricks.
  • Culture that comes alive: you can experience a life on the mountain like you never had before; experience it like a real thing with grown-up bosses, music’s pumping, fresh arts, and with new monsters of metal and style blaster events.


Cameo Details

Mario, Luigi and Peach are playable characters in SSX On Tour.


Media / Downloads

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