Super Mario Bros. Super Show Episode 6: The Great Gladiator Gig Episode Guide
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First Aired
12th September 1989
Written by
Jack Olesker
Guest Stars
Larry Gelman (Dr. Sigmund Fruitcake)


Super Mario Bros. Super Show Cartoon Episode 06 - The Great Gladiator Gig

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Begins with a stooge-y moment wherein Mario is hit with a pipe that Luigi is holding. Luigi calls a head doctor as Mario believes himself a bird upon a couch. The head doctor Sigmund Fruitcake arrives as though he apparates and the doctor reassures Luigi there is no problem… until Mario acts as a chicken!

The cartoon interrupts the chicken fun. “The Great Gladiator Gig” Plumbers log #603. The brothers had a half an hour until the event; a spaghetti dinner to raise money for orphaned mushrooms was the desired location for the petite fungus, the brothers and the lady. They met the giant guardian of the coliseum and are informed the benefit dinner may be cancelled due to a plumbing problem in the catacombs. Toad and the Princess go upon a tour of the coliseum to meet the emperor. King Koopa is who they meet…. No… rather… “Emperor Augustus Septemberous Octoberus Koopa.” Toad is adorable within his discovery of the situation. Mario and Luigi ride within a chariot and they outsmart the turtle and guards; the horse assisting them only works for oats and drops the brothers when they run out of food. The two go through a door which they think is their escape but it is, in reality, the center of the coliseum!

Sometimes the Spaghetti dinner is a lie?!

Koopa’s champion is a three headed snake. The two unlikely plumbing heroes separate and Luigi is staked to the wall with a pitchfork. Mario tries to defend his brother and is hurt and things complicate as Luigi gets a net thrown over him. No worries, Mario saves his kinfolk with a sword he takes from one head of the snake. The brothers dance and run around. The snakes heads intertwine within confusion of mirth? The champion is thus defeated and the lions are released. Mario attempts to reason with the friendly felines and as imagined not men but spaghetti is feasted upon in the end!

When the brothers become men again rather than silly animations… the impractical becomes greater. Mario now thinks he is a monkey rather than a chicken! There is a level of illogical almost impossible to watch yet somehow endearing all the same as a grown man makes various primate sounds and consumes a banana. Mario is finally cured and what do you know… Luigi contracts the ailment!


Trivia & Bloopers

  • "Augustus" was the name of all Roman emperors and King Koopa's guise of "Emperor Augustus Septemberus Octoberus Koopa" is a pun on this with a couple of other month names thrown in for good measure

  • Tryclydius has a magical sword which switches from blue to grey throughout the episode. (or it might just be an animation error, its not like they were few and far between in the SMBSS)
    There are several scenes where Koopa's shell disappears (too hot for TV?.) and reappears.


  • Danny Wells voicing Luigi

  • Lou Albano voicing Mario

  • Harvey Atkin voicing King Koopa , the Horse and Tryclyde

  • Jeannie Elias voicing Princess Toadstool

  • John Stocker voicing Toad plus Koopa Troopa, Brutius and the Lion


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Bonkers from Yonkers (Live Action Sketch)

A pipe falls on Mario's head causing him to think he's a bird. Trying to help his brother Luigi ends up hiring a nutty doctor who tries to cure Mario.


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