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Paper Mario Review

Maybe I am too good of a game player for my own good but this is about the 5th N64 game that I have beaten inside and out in a week.

Only Ogre Battle has kept me still playing to win for more more than a week. But despite this I still like the game It has good replay value and that is the only thing that keeps me from wanting a fresh game in a week. Enough about this little punks Bio you think get to the review already! well I have to get 400 words some how right? On to the review.

Graphics: 10 (flawless)
Impressive! I like these graphics they have a lot of colour and show a good amount of detail for a Mario game. the enemies are nicely done backgrounds are wonderful and all of the characters are great looking this gets a ten for sure. The oddest part is that the characters are paper cut-outs hence the name ''Paper Mario'' but they are in a 3D environment this surprisingly works perfectly.

Storyline: 5 (average)
Bowser steals the Star Rod (the first of many thefts from other Nintendo made games in this case Kirby) and with it Peach and her castle. The Star Rod has the power to grant any wish so Bowser uses it to accomplish the above goals and use it to defeat Mario and banish the star spirits, the former keepers of the star rod. So you as Mario must get the star spirits and recover the Star Rod. I would have given it a 1 if it did not have the Star Rod twist to the basic ''Bowser captures the princess thing''. Why don't you dress up in a turtle suit and break in to Buckingham palace and see how far you go?

Mario surrounded by enemies

Sound: 9 (exceptional)
everything has a sound effect to it and they are all good to the ears. Now this is the second game that PM steals from the original mario music from the game Super Mario Bros. for NES. Music is nice and battle music id good too the sound and music come together and form the the great sound experience that is Paper Mario.

Control: 9 (exceptional)
your standard controls here A button is jump. B button is hammer. start pauses the game and the C buttons use items switch partners and other things of the sort. The controls are easy to learn and easy to use.

Satisfaction :9 (exceptional)
a very fun game that you will enjoy playing with eight levels and a ton of badges and items all of which serve a purpose. it is a good adventure of the little kids and the older people will find challenge in getting all the recipes and secrets and badges.

Replay value: 6 (above average)
unless you like a certain scene or insist on all the recipes then there is not much for you to do after trouncing Bowser.

Battle system:
I had to include this It copies earthbound a lot but it is a bit original depending if you get attacked of if you attack decides the ''first strike'' if you nor your opponent get a first strike then battle will go on as the usual turn based battle system.

Buy or rent?: Rent if you like it buy
It is a great game in my mind you will like it if you are a big fan of Mario or like adventures.


Overall: Paper Mario is a great game but is a little short on replay value and for Me difficulty the main reason I do not include difficulty in my reviews is because it is dependant on ability I suggest you give Paper Mario a look and see if you like it it is a great game after all.

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