Paper Mario Review by A Vexer
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Paper Mario Review

When, I first heard of the idea for the game, I though it was dumb, and stupid.

Pieces of paper running around, trying to be better than the other Mario games. But, surprisingly it wasn't all that bad. I began liking it, and playing it more.

Since, I bought the game, I haven't had much time to play it (I never have time for games anymore). Now, I finally beat, it and since I can't go out today, I am gonna tell you what I think about the game.

Graphics: 6
Surprisingly their really good graphics. Even, though they look like cardboard, the front of them is awesome. This isn't a game, where graphics, were meant to be the highest feature, since it's made on paper. But, the graphics were really good. They weren't stupid or anything, but you can't give paper higher than a six.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay was the best feature. That's what I think kept me playing it so long. it wasn't hard, but, it wasn't easy. The worst problem was it being a little bit confusing, to understand, with the story and all. But, as in all Mario games, the gameplay was always great, and nothing less than the best it can get. So what I am trying to say, is the gameplay, was really really good.

A Paper Mario artwork featuring lots of characters from the game

Sound: 8
The sound was also very good. As, in most Nintendo 64 games, the sound isn't as good as this games. I thought the sound was one of the best sound games for Nintendo 64, yet. The sound was really realistic, and it was also clear. Most, games, the sound is blurry (like in Resident Evil games, where the zombies sound, like their stepping on rats).

You Choose: It's a fun game to have, but, it only takes about six days of playing to beat. In my personal opinion, I think you can rent it, but, I would also, like playing it over. So, if you like playing games, over and over, buy, it. Or if you just want to beat it, rent it. And if you like it when you rent it, buy it.

Overall: 8 Mario punching a block
The way I got an eight was, because the Gameplay and Sound were great, but since is really good paper graphics, I brought my overall rating from a nine to an eight, because, even though it was good paper, it was still paper, and I couldn't give paper more than a six (as I said before).

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