Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem
MvDK: Mini Land Mayhem

Release dates

Australia 3rd February, 2011
Europe 4th February, 2011
Japan 2nd December, 2010
N.America 14th November, 2010

General information

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developed by Nintendo Software Tech.

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single player




Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! is a single player Puzzle game for Nintendo DS and DSi that rekindles the classic struggle between Mario and Donkey Kong in which the fate of a pretty girl hangs in the balance. The third handheld game in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong franchise, Mini-Land Mayhem! features a unique blend of puzzle, platformer and mini-game gameplay in which players use miniature bot versions of Mario and other characters to foil the actions of Donkey Kong. Additional features include: 200 action-puzzle levels with additional levels possibly released by Nintendo, extensive level creation tools as well as local and online connectivity for sharing levels and sampling those of up to 30 friends.

Mini Marios Mean Maximum Fun
At the grand opening of Mario's new theme park, where Pauline is a special guest, the first 100 guests will receive a mini Pauline toy. Donkey Kong is the 101st guest to arrive. Instead of walking away empty handed, he grabs Pauline and heads into the park. Now Mario must rescue Pauline by guiding Mini Marios through over 200 new action-puzzle levels filled with traps set by Donkey Kong. Grab your stylus and place girders to cross pits, build conveyor belts, set springs, or even place warp pipes to solve these puzzling levels. Mario VS. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! is the latest installment in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong franchise and offers plenty of new challenges for new players and fans alike.


Like the earlier Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, in Mario vs. Donkey: Kong Mini-Land Mayhem! players primarily use miniature toy versions of Mario to do his bidding against Donkey Kong. These are released at the beginning of each level and can't be stopped once unleashed. Levels are laid out in a traditional 2D platformer fashion, some of which pit you against Donkey Kong while others feature toy flunkies of Donkey Kong. The player's goal is to facilitate the Mini Mario's march toward the endpoint of each level. Along the way the player can manipulate the environment with the DS stylus and deal with enemies faced via a variety of objects including: springs that will propel Mini Marios into the air, tap rivets that when connected can create a girder bridge over a span, familiar Nintendo warp pipes which lead to other game areas and more. Nintendo coins are also collected along the way to earn points. The game also features unlockable mini-games, a wealth of park attractions and an automatic help mode option that will offer help when a player fails to beat a level after several attempts.

Level Creation and Sharing
Although Mario vs. Donkey: Kong Mini-Land Mayhem! is a single player game it allows for significant interaction with other players via its robust level creation and sharing functionality. Within the 'Construction Zone' area players can utilize a level building tutorial, create levels, view levels submitted by up to 30 friends and even participate in contests regarding submitted levels. The built-in level editor is simple to use, allowing the player to manipulate a variety of object types, once these have been found in the main game, in virtually any way imaginable. Once level variables have been set the player can utilize play-test functionality to determine whether they want to keep the finished product. From there levels can be shared with others, who can further edit them if they so choose.



Key Game Features

  • Use your stylus to strategically place items and solve different puzzles. Once you tap the Mini Marios, be ready to react quickly to help guide them safely to the exit.

  • With an intuitive interface, players of any experience level will be able to enjoy the action. Players can access the in-game Help Mode that lets you get more information on key items. Additionally, if players get stuck trying to solve a level, they can now use the new Mini Guide to demonstrate a possible solution.

  • Feeling creative? Construct your own levels in the 'Construction Zone' with an easy-to-use level building tool. You are also able to share your new levels with friends over local wireless or post them online using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

  • Access new levels created by fellow users with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Store up to 160 additional puzzles to always take the action with you, wherever you go.

  • Participate in the all-new Challenge Mode where you will create a level based on certain criteria. Players can vote for their favorites and the top rated levels will be announced.

  • The new Mini Pauline toy has been added to the roster of familiar toys in the series (Mini Mario, Mini Toad, Mini Princess and Mini Donkey Kong).

Reference / Information

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Media / Downloads

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