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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

"The Wii makes an amazing comeback, owing big thanks to the plumber we all loved back then"

To those of you wondering why New Super Mario Bros Wii has the name “Wii” in it let me tell you: NSMB Wii is a sequel to the hit DS game, simply just called “New Super Mario Bros”. Compared to the Super Mario Bros trilogy and all other Super Mario Bros titles released on cartridges back then, NSMB DS features a few new power ups, a 3-D environment on a 2-D scale, and all new levels. Yep, those sure were good times with the original Mario titles. Obviously, NSMB Wii's good aspects were more features and being on a console instead of a handheld. But at the same time, everybody's calling this (and the DS version) a disappointment, with it being the same Mario game from the past. So, I tried it out for myself and to me, this was much better than any other Wii game I played.

And about the Wii, the game that brought the system back to the top is this because it brings back some of the dream features that was going to be used in the original Mario titles, but for some reason got removed. NSMB Wii revives some of Miyamoto's (the head of the Nintendo company) failed experiments that were meant to be in the Mario titles back then, which explains why the co-op mode found in the early version of New Super Mario Bros (for the DS) was moved to here. The reason why I'm saying that NSMB Wii is an outstanding come back is because the system itself was a disappointment last year at the start of 2008, in which it all began with Super Smash Bros Brawl. The game was a success to the market, but most of the people disagreed with it being the greatest while others thought of it being the best game ever.

Now then, onto the good stuff, but take note that I won't mention anything about the Graphics, Sounds, and Controls because if I gave NSMB Wii a solid 10, then there shouldn't be any reason why I would want to make criticism of them since they're the best parts of this game.

Yeah, you know the beef if you played a Mario game. Princess Peach has been captured by Bowser's underlings, known as the Koopalings. The Koopalings made their appearances in Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World, until now. Anyway, they just got a cake ready for the princess to eat and instead of serving it “gently” to her, they threw it on top of her, capturing her in the cake. The Mario Bros and Toads attempt to rescue the princess for the n-th (I have no idea how many times this happened) time while chasing after the ship through many worlds.

Art scene featuring Bowser Jr, Iggy, Larry, Koopa Troopa and Goomba

This is where the game excels at: You play the game with just the Wii Remote in the horizontal position or with the nun-chuck attachment, but I prefer “just the Wii Remote” control since the nun-chuck control scheme is somewhat weird. Like NSMB DS, NSMB Wii gives you a wide array of moves from the original, plus a few new ones: You can shake Wii Remote to spin some screws or execute a twirling spin jump, plus you can shake and hold button 1 to pick up a certain object and hold it above you until when you want to throw it, you release the button. In certain areas, you can tilt the remote to control the balance of the platform you're on, which can help you reach to certain stuff or avoid attacks. Another object in the game will give you the ability to aim where you want yourself to be shot at. The motion controls may feel quite awkward, but once you get used to it, there shouldn't be any problems.

The main goal of NSMB Wii is exactly similar to most other video games: You get to the end of the level whilst avoiding obstacles. Eventually along the way, you'll meet a boss that you must defeat to move on, and I'll get onto the bosses later. It may sound simple, but it's actually not because each game (besides this) has a challenge for you to overcome to have fun or become frustrated. Without it, why else would it be a game? NSMB Wii is actually a hard game, but once you get the feel for it, there's no limit to how far you can go. Besides, it's truly fun, again I'm saying this.

NSMB Wii introduces three new power ups, which they will give you the ability to fly in the air, throw ice balls, or slide on ground and swim in a better flow. You'll need to know how to use the powers ups to not only pass obstacles in the game, but to rather have fun with. There's not much to talk about for these power ups, but they're just awesome. You have to see for yourself.

Returning ally from Super Mario World is Yoshi, which he sports the ability to flutter jump in mid air, swallow more things, and keep power ups in the mouth until you decide to spit it out and grab it by running into it. He's only used for a few levels and cannot be carried over to any level like how he was in Super Mario World, but he does keep the madness alive with the fun you'll have with him. You'll need him very heavily in those certain levels if you're new to this game because there are times, where there are wide voids to watch out for and shake the Wii Remote to get off of him to safety. Like Super Mario World, when you get attacked by anything, Yoshi will kick you off his saddle and you'll have to chase after him until either he falls into the void and lose him or if you caught up to him. So, he's with its drawbacks.

Well, what can I say? The levels are good in design, but they make NSMB Wii itself awfully hard. Most spots in each level are now trial-and-error and double-take, instead of being a gentle float through the rocks, but that is...if you don't know how to utilize the power ups correctly. The levels that I think bring back good memories are the levels from World 1 (obviously...) because throughout the whole series, this is how each game in the Super Mario Bros family began: On grasslands. Later on, the huge line of levels become blatantly ridiculous with risky moves and double dares, but (again) at the same time, it's just fun.

And, if you're unable to pass a level a certain amount of times, a block will appear at the beginning of the level, in which if hit, Mario's brother Luigi will take over for you, instructing you on how to pass the level with ease. It would truly kill an experience for a hardcore Mario player, but at least Miyamoto's nice to the younger audiences and newcomers. If you're finding a hard time trying to enjoy this game, don't be afraid to use the block because if you decide not to, you'll being going through what I had to go through.

Also, in some levels, a Toad will need to be rescued and taken to the end of the level to receive a reward. What is the reward? Sorry, but I just can't tell you! You have to play the game for yourself. Anyway, the downside to taking Toad to the finish line is that he can get hit by enemies and lasts for two hits, going from Super form to Standard form and down to kicking the bucket. The harder part is that sometimes, you may have to take alternate routes in the levels to get to the other side of that wall. You can also use Toad as your own advantage for advancing levels further, if you're not here to help out the poor little guy.

Art scene featuring 2x Toads + Mario and Luigi riding their Yoshi's

Ah, yes. Finally, the bosses. Yeah, the Koopalings are usually the bosses, but there are a few more to cook up the thrills. If you played other Mario games, you'll find yourself remembering that defeating the bosses are the same as Super Mario Bros 3, by simply stomping on their vulnerable parts. The first Koopaling guarding World 1 is one good example since he follows the same pattern as he did in the tower where you confronted him in the midst of World 1. You'll eventually face them off at the middle and the end of each world, but don't sigh just yet: The boss fights get better and better as you progress further through the game.

This is why NSMB Wii's slogan is “Here we go!” because the multiplayer is amazingly a dream come true to most Mario fans. The Mario Bros and the two Toads will be available for the pick and once you and friends got them, you're all ready to jump into the game and stomp some Goombas. In multiplayer mode, you and friends may either play as a team or go against each other. One player can carry another and use him as an advantage to reach blocks or get him through the level, hopefully safely. If you want to be the foe, you can throw Koopa shells or them into enemies or the void to hinder their progress, but the whole multiplayer itself is just to bring in more fun.

Or, if you and friends are not up for adventuring, you can always go to Free-for-all mode or Coin Battle. Free-for-all will have players rack up as much points as they can until they get to the finish line while Coin Battle is similar, but relies on collecting coins. First off, I thought that the multiplayer was a little disappointing, but when I finally got into the game, it was no longer a disappointment because for one thing: The multiplayer is what's keeping NSMB Wii from suffering a single con for the game. Anyway, at first the level selection will be somewhat small, but later on when you get further in the game, more levels open up. Simple, right? If the game is easy to you, then it would simple.

Luckily, NSMB Wii lacks online play because if the online play was implemented into the game, the traditional artifact of the Super Mario Bros series would totally be ruined. That's because there wasn't online play back then for the Mario games and having one to ruin it all would be a big deal. I mean, c'mon IGN! Why would you need online play? It would just kill the game, that's all! No seriously, who needs online play?

One of the replay values that keeps NSMB Wii standing strong is the collection of the Star Coins in the levels and (speaking of levels) completing each and every one of them. If you manage to do so, you'll get a special surprise, but again, I won't tell you. It's best to see for yourself, the third time I'm saying this. If you want to spend the Star Coins, you can go back to Peach's Castle and buy hint movies there, showing you some outstanding replays and even secrets to help you discover the entire game!

New Super Mario Bros Wii is an amazing comeback for the Wii because of its traditional efforts of bringing back the good memories of the Mario games, and the only thing that NSMB Wii fails at is actually being a disappointment. No, it's not even close and it never will be. Super Smash Bros Brawl would've done a good job of being the best game ever, but sadly it doesn't have the guts to compete against the now-better game, which is NSMB Wii, of course. Whether you're a Mario fan or not, you shouldPropeller Toad definitely buy this as they make perfect holiday gifts to nearly everybody.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10

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