Mario Tennis 64 - Character Guide and Tips
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Mario Tennis 64 (Nintendo 64) - Playable Character Guide/Tips

Player Tips - Donkey Kong
You'll need to scramble to return this primate's power shots. If you manage to survive his screeching serves, just zip the ball as far from the great ape as you can - he may be big, but he's a lumbering oaf when it comes to hustle

Player Tips - Mario
For all-around tennis skills, Mario's number one. Ok, so Bowser could send a power shot right through his bellybutton, and Yoshi could run dino-circles around him, but when it comes to reliability and versatility, Mario's your man

Player Tips - Luigi
Like his famous brother, Luigi's got great game. Once you're a pro, you can probably send Luigi sliding into the sidelines. But with a twinkle in his eye and a racket in his hand, Luigi's a fine all-around man about court

Player Tips - Princess Peach
Peach may cobble you. She started lessons at a tender age and has a masterful technique. She's sure to fire her returns into the most strategic spot, so be on guard. However, Peach is the pits when it comes to speed

Player Tips - Waluigi
While you're busy trying to pronounce his name (it's an anagram for Igwalui, or Bad Guy!!) his combination of hustle and muscle will leave you bawling. His screaming volleys will leave mean streaks across your screen

Player Tips - Baby Mario
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competition can make a big difference on the court. Here's the low-down on some famous Mario Tennis masters.

Some of the best things come in little packages. Who would think this much hustle could be packed into a tiny infant!? But just watch this tyke cover the court. Let's just hope his outfit stays white

Player Tips - Yoshi
Yoshi can cover the court with his lightning moves - so keep the ball far from his dino-reach

Player Tips - Paratroopa
With more tricks up its sleeve than David Copperfield can cram into a kimono,
Paratroopa is an unpredictably sneaky opponent. Keep your eyes peeled for those backhands

Player Tips - Wario
Wario ups the ante for the forces of evil. He might not be the swiftest ship
in the fleet, but he's powerful as an ox on steroids. Consider yourself warned..

Player Tips - Daisy
Despite her daintiness, Daisy possesses superior technique and can nimbly face off against the fiercest powerhouse

Player Tips - Toad
Little Toad is a giant when it comes to skilful chops at tennis. Even if a biggie like DK sends a screamer his way, bright Toad will know just how to return the favour

Player Tips - Birdo
This nasty birdie has a snout which just begs to have a tennis ball shot at it. Good luck! She's a villain with va-voom, and can probably zip right out of the way

Player Tips - Bowser
Bowser packs a ball-crushing wallop - watch his serves glow with an extra oomph of power. He may look ridiculous in tennis whites, but don't let him catch you laughing

Player Tips - Boo
It's spooky how sneaky this spirit can be! You'll have to stay on your toes if you want to survive these scare tactics

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