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Mario Super Sluggers (Wii) - Cheats & Tips

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Final ending
To unlock a different ending you have to beat Bowser twice.

Graffiti the Koopa Troopa's billboard

Obtain the paintbrush in challenge mode then go to Wario city and talk to the Koopa who is stood next to the billboard. When the Koopa joins your team he will let you paint / graffiti / whatever you like all over his billboard - what you paint here will serve as your icon to help you remember that saved file apart from another one.


Lots of bonus characters to unlock

Here's a table showing all the unlockable characters in Mario Super Sluggers and how to access them

Character How to unlock
Baby Donkey Kong In the Peach Garden use Wario's Magnet to pull Daisys baby rattle from the fountain. Now use Yoshi to head through the manhole cover on the left side of the garden, which will bring you to a location where a baby is crying. Hand her the rattle and she will join your team.
Baby Donkey Kong In DK's jungle use Yoshi's power to free Baby DK from the tree he's stuck in.
Baby Luigi Use the levers in Mario stadium to adjust the bridge, Luigi will then join your team
Baby Mario After getting baby Luigi go to the field where you battle Bowser Jr's team and save Baby Mario.
Baby Peach Head over to Peach Garden and use Princess Peach's heart power on the grass Toad statue
Birdo Beat Bowser Jr in Yoshi Park
Blooper Go through all the tutorials in the practise section
Blue Noki In Wario's stadium Blue Noki gives you a task, complete the task to unlock him
Blue Pianta Find the key that opens the shop in Mario's stadium where he is trapped to save him.
Blue Shy Guy Shoot the Piranha plants in Yoshi's ballpark
Boo In Wario City, use DK and Wario to solve the block puzzle and unlock Boo.
Daisy Complete Peach's stadium
Funky Kong Save him  from the Hammer Bros. in DK Jungle
Green Koopa Free the Koopa from the poster in Wario City
Green Noki With Blue Noki already in your team, speak to Green Noki and he will join you
Green Toad Beat Toadettes Puzzle and then search the bush in Peach's stadium
Green Yoshi While in Yoshi's ballpark, unlock the manhole, and Green Yoshi will join your team.
King Boo Find the Tiny boo's in the chest in Wario City then speak to King Boo
King K. Rool Defeat all four Kritters in the DK Jungle, go to the waterfall and defeat King K. Rool for him to join you.
Kritter Defeating King K. Rool in the DK Jungle will unlock Kritter.
Monty Mole At Mario Stadium's beach use Peach on Monty Outline.
Paragoomba Use Yoshi's ground pound move near one of the palm trees in Wario City
Paratroopa Defeat the minion guarding the lighthouse in Wario City
Peach Complete Peach Stadium
Red Noki Have Green Noki and Blue Noki and speak to Red Noki, he will then join you.
Red Paratroopa Get the Giant Paintbrush found in Yoshi Park and paint the billboard in Wario City to unlock the Red Paratroopa
Red Shy Guy Shoot the Piranha plants in Yoshi's Ballpark
Red Yoshi After finding Red Yoshi's lost brush, speak to him in Yoshi's Stadium
Tiny Kong Defeat Bowser Jr. in Donkey Kongs jungle
Toad Start Peaches Stadium and Toad will join you.
Toadette In Peach's Stadium speak to her and she will join you.
Waluigi Can be found on top of a skyscraper in Wario City
Wiggler Help Wiggler get to Toy Field pass by answering all of Dark Blue Yoshi's questions correctly and he will join you.
Yellow Yoshi Use Yoshi to help rescue Yellow Yoshi from a tree in Yoshi Park and he will join you.


Night games

In order to unlock the Night games you must first beat Bowser Jr's playroom in challenge mode.

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