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Mario Party Review

Mario Party for the 64 is great, and it takes place on a board! :) You can go through the game by yourself, or with 3 other friends. I'm going to try a new format with these reviews, so here goes...nothing. Or something. Eh.


The most important part of any game, the gameplay deserves a well earned *10*. With _both_ abilities to go single and multiplayer, it makes this game fun. Although there are only 50 mini games, they're all interesting, to say the least. It should take you awhile to beat this game, and even if you do, the multiplaying you will still enjoy.


Yeeeeeehah! Love that partay muzak! =P Many great beats, and such to make the party even livelier. Well, in my opinion. The sound effects are just dandy, with the sounds fitting right in place. Such as the movements of the characters on the boards, the items. Blah. Deserves a 10.


Yah, the controls do vary from minigame to minigame, but the fixed view makes it easier, since the minigames dont require you to rotate the camera, which is a good thing. 9.

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The replayability of Mario Party is an 9. After beating everything and your friends went home (heh) it does get a little boring, but this multiplayer game stay fun, as long as you have people to play with.


Overall, Mario Party is a great game. *10*

To buy, or not to buy? (or to rent)

RENT IT! You'll like it. If you think its great, buy it.

Do NOT copy this review or take opinions from it without the reviewers permission. I will not be held responsible for broken lampshades or neutered puppies. Thank you, and have a nice tomato. -Corraiv

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