Mario Party DS Cheats & Tips (Nintendo DS)

Mario Party DS (Nintendo DS) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Mario Party (Nintendo DS)


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding badge.

Badge How to unlock it
Bob-omb Rival Earn 15,000 Points
Boo Rival Earn 7,000 Points
Bowser Jr. Rival Earn 35,000 Points
Bowser Rival Earn 37,000 Points
Cheep Cheep Rival Earn 5,000 Points
Daisy Master Complete Story mode as Daisy
Diddy Kong Friend Earn 21,000 Points
Donkey Kong Friend Earn 33,000 Points
Dry Bones Rival Earn 29,000 Points
Goomba Rival Earn 1,000 Points
Hammer Bro Rival Earn 27,000 Points
Kamek Rival Earn 31,000 Points
Koopa Friend Earn 23,000 Points
Luigi Master Complete Story mode as Luigi
Mario Master Complete Story mode as Mario
Mario Party DS Beginner Simply start the game
Mario Party DS Master Earn 50,000 Points
Mario Party DS Star Earn 39,000 Points
Monty Mole Rival Earn 13,000 Points
Peach Master Complete Story mode as Peach
Piranha Plant Rival Earn 25,000 Points
Scuttlebug Rival Earn 3,000 Points
Shy Guy Rival Earn 9,000 Points
Toad Master Complete Story mode as Toad
Toadette Friend Earn 19,000 Points
Waluigi Master Complete Story Mode as Waluigi
Wario Master Complete Story Mode as Wario
Whomp Rival Earn 11,000 Points
Wiggler Friend Earn 17,000 Points
Yoshi Master Complete Story mode as Yoshi

Consumed by the Magic
Occasionally, one of the three magic jars on the Kamek's Library board will eat you and send you back to the start. The process is random, so you just have to rely on luck and skill to get the stars on this board.


Control character figures in Gallery
Go to "Gallery", then "Collection", and finally "Character Figures". Select a figure to view. Tap the figure with your stylus and it will jump.


Get Toadette's Chair
Beat Hammer Bro once to get Toadette's Chair

Get Toadette's Piano
Beat Hammer Bro twice to get Toadette's Piano

Get Toadette's Timpano
Beat Hammer Bro 3 times to get Toadettes Timpano

Get the Winner's Ballon
Beat Piranha Plant twice to get the Winner's Balloon

Get the Winner´s Pen
Beat Kamek once  to get the Winner's Pen

Get the Yummy Lychee Trophy
Beat Dry Bones once to get the Yummy Lychee Trophy


How high?
When you beat Story Mode, the characters will appear during the ending in order of their rank. If you touch any character on the touch screen when they appear with your stylus, they will jump.

Unlock Expert CPU difficulty
Successfully complete Story mode.

Unlock Music and Voice Room
Finish story mode once.

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