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Mario Party 3 Review

The game I'm reviewing is called, ''Mario Party 3.'' This game is great! If you have played ''Mario Party.'' and didn't play ''Mario Party 2,'' then played the game I'm reviewing. You'll SEE a big difference! All NEW games. Two new characters are in this game! With 70 action packed mini games. You will have at least 6 hours of game play, or more! You won't be disappointed! Do you like what your reading so far? If so, watch me type my review.........

Story: 10/10
The story is actually pretty good! You choose the way the game goes. If you lose you start over. If you win, you have to have a duel with the computer. If you win the duel, you get a star! There's a total of 7 stars......Once you get all the 7 stars, yo- Well I shouldn't give you the last part. The reason why I gave the story (a) 8 because the plot is set perfectly! You also make the way the story goes. Like in adventure mode. You either lose, or you win So that's why I gave the story a perfect 10!

Graphics: 9/10
The reason why I gave the graphics a 9 is because the mini games have overall great graphics! Mostly all the mini games are in 3D! But some mini games are in 2D. That's why I deducted 1 point from the graphics. Out Of the 70 mini games. About 20-25 are 2D. The other 45-50 games are 3D! So really you get more 3D mini games than 2D. Sooo an overall for graphics is a 9.

Group Artwork 2 from Mario Party 3

Game play: 10/10
Who would want to play a party game that has bad game play? That's why I'm going to tell you about the game play. The game play is excellent! The levels, of course are easy. The characters move easily. With out haste! The mini games are fun! 70 games should keep you busy for about 2 hours! The board games are fun too! There's 7 board games to beat your friends on. These reasons and many more are why I gave the game play a 10!

Sound: 10/10
The main reason I gave the sound a 10 is that it goes perfectly with the mini games! From characters talking. To music for mini games. You can't hate the sound! It's perfect! Even when your losing , you'll still like the sound! That's how good the sound is! You'll like the sound on board 8. That's the best sound I've ever heard! These are the reasons why I gave the sound a perfect 10!

Replay value: 10/10
The main reason and the only reason why I gave the replay value a 10 is because you can play the game over and over again. You'll never get bored! If your a party nut, you'll know why I gave the replay value a perfect 10. and also people that aren't party nuts, you'll still know why I've the replay value a 10.

Overall: 10 Wario playing pump, pump and away!
I recommend you buy. Party nut, or no party nut. You'll still like this game! :)

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