Mario Party 3 (Nintendo 64) Artwork including lots of solo pictures of the main and supporting casts
Rendered Artwork

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Solo pictures of the main cast.


Bowser roaring at a pile of Coins Donkey Kong playing The Beats
Bowser next to a pile of gold coins. Donkey Kong beating some drums
Princess Peach pose  
Princess Peach  

Luigi playing Ice Rink Risk

Luigi won't be able to sit down for a week after that!


Mario playing Parasol Plummet

Mario gliding down with an umbrella collecting gold coins.


Princess Daisy playing Hey Batter Batter

Princess Daisy hitting a baseball.


Princess Daisy playing Parasol Plummet

Princess Daisy gliding with an umbrella.


Princess Peach solo picture

Princess Peach has her hands up.

Princess Peach playing Locked Out

Princess Peach with some differently shaped keys, on a royal rug.

Waluigi with a Piranha Plant from Storm Chasers

Waluigi shaking his fist and holding a Piranha Plant.


Wario playing Pump Pump and Away

Wario playing Pump, Pump and Away!

Yoshi playing Etch n Catch

Yoshi playing Etch and Catch.


Solo pictures of the supporting cast


Belltop the Duel Board turn counter Bob Omb Walking
Belltop the turn counter Bob-omb
Monty Mole Mr Blizzard
A Monty Mole Mr. Blizzard
Snifit The Millennium Star
A Snifit

The Millennium Star

The Millennium Star Tumble excited
The Millennium Star looking stern Tumble looking excited
Tumble jumping happy Tumble sleeping
Tumble jumping Tumble all played out

Mushroom Genie

The Mushroom Genie.

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