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Mario Party 2 Review

Is there anything Mario can't do? I mean, he can play tennis, golf, and storm through platformers. But he hasn't partied.

Gameplay: 9/10
This game is fantastic. In one player, it is a bit short lived, but this game makes your jaw drop when you play it with mates. First of all, you set up your game. Choose your characters, your board, the AI level, etc. Then you get into the game. Each board has a different story. This don't really effect the gameplay, but depending on what board you play, you get different costumes. Ever wanted to see Yoshi dressed up as a pirate? Heres your chance.

The game consists of you stopping the dice, then moving around the board. You can land on different panels, all of which trigger different events. You can gain more coins, lose some, trigger an event, loads of stuff. The battle panel triggers a battle game which has you battling in a mini game. My favorite one was where you had spikes on the front of your car, and a balloon on the back. You had to burst each others balloons. Hilarious results.

The aim of the game is to collect the most coins and stars. You get stars by landing on a Toad panel. Here he gives you one. This has you all racing towards Toad, using fiendish tricks to cause problems for each other. And there is also baby Bowser, who steals stars. Once every player finishes their turn, a mini game is triggered. These are hilarious. I mean, where else would you be making as many cakes as possible to win?

The mini games are either 1v1v1v1, 2v2, or 3v1. An example of a 3v1 is one where three of you are on a rotating drum, and one of you controls which direction it spins in. You mustn't fall off the drum! Excellent in every way imaginable. Loads of mini games, a fun and addictive multiplayer, what more could you want?

Mario with his cowboy hat on + the other characters from Mario Party 2 in group art

Graphics: 9/10
Some of the best on the N64. An example is the main menu. Choose an option, such as create game, and you go into a pipe. The game switches to side on view. Fast paced music plays, and Toad runs along the pipe, asking questions. Choose your players, and the run along the pipe too. When he asks if the information is correct, and you select 'No', the music slows, the pipe tilts, and Toad and co all fall down. It is little touches like that that make this game fun to play and look at. The Graphics are always smooth, and are never blocky. This is how N64 graphics should be!

Sounds: 8/10
Ambient sounds rock. Voices aren't annoying. Sound effects have a cutsy feel, that suits the game. A monster achievement. The music always suits the level or situation, getting you in the mood to play the game.

Challenge and lastability: 10/10
You will soon complete the game on one player, but multiplayer will never lose its novelty or fun factor. Mario Party is worth £45, unlike many N64 games. Buy it and cherish it.

Sprite likes:
Fun, easy to pick up and play
Multiplayer is fantastic
Graphics are clear and crisp
Luigi holding a block
Sprite doesn't like:
Everything about this game rocks, it has no bad points.

Overall: 9/10
Buy this game.

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