Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) Character, Item, Logo & Misc HD Artwork
Rendered Artwork

Mario Kart 8 logo small

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Cup logos

Banana Cup Flower Cup
Banana Cup logo Flower Cup logo
Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
Leaf Cup logo Lightning Cup logo
Mushroom Cup Shell Cup
Mushroom Cup logo Shell Cup logo
Special Cup Star Cup
Special Cup logo Star Cup logo




Banana Peel


Bob Omb Walking

Bob-omb marching to meet his destiny


Boomerang Flower

Boomerang Powerup


Bullet Bill

A Bullet Bill

Coin Blooper
A Gold Coin Blooper. Someone gonna get inked!

Crazy 8

The Crazy 8 powerup


Fire Flower

The Fire Flower powerup


Golden Mushroom

The Golden Boost Mushroom Powerup


Green Shell

The Green Shell, the staple projectile of the Mario Kart series

Item Box Lightning Bolt
The Question Block A Thunderbolt


Piranha Plant Pot

A Potbound Piranha Plant Powerup.


Red Shell

A Red Heatseeker Shell


Spiny Shell

The dreaded Spiny Blue shell



The Star of Invincibility


Super Horn

The Superhorn, which can even save you from a blue shell!


Triple Bananas

The treble Banana Peel powerup.


Triple Green Shell

The treble Green shell, a trio of projectiles.


Triple Mushrooms

The treble boost Mushroom.

Triple Red Shells

Treble Red shells, thats just cruel.


Racers & their karts

Baby Mario In His Kart

Baby Mario in his Buggy


Baby Rosalina Driving Kart

Baby Rosalina driving her buggy

Baby Rosalina Baby Mario and Baby Luigi Driving Kart

Baby Rosalina leads the pack as Baby Mario watches Baby Luigi get inked!


Blooper inking Baby Luigi

And there again Baby Luigi getting inked, just for those who missed it first time around!


Bowser Driving Kart Donkey  Kong On Motorcycle
Bowser driving his offroader Donkey Kong wielding a Boomerang
Iggy Koopa In Paragliding Kart
Iggy Koopa paragliding in his kart
Larry Koopa Driving kart
Larry Koopa driving his kart and pointing at something
Lemmy Koopa On Motorcycle Luigi Driving Kart
Lemmy Koopa, not quite on his motorcycle Luigi looking confident in his kart
Luigi In His Kart

Luigi looking confident in his Kart. Is he saluting, or is the sun in his eyes?

Mario Driving Kart
Mario in his Kart during anti-gravity mode
Mario Drifting
Mario driving his kart in anti-gravity mode, alternate version.
Mario In His Kart Mario holding the Mushroom Cup trophy
Mario driving up a wall in anti-gravity mode Mario holding the Mushroom Cup Trophy
Mario and a Toad
Mario chatting to the Toad in his race team
Mario And Bowser In Battle
Old Rivals Bowser and Mario go head to head.
Mario and two Toad mechanics
Mario chatting to the Toad servicing his kart, full scene version.
Pink Gold Peach
Pink Gold Peach posing as she cruises past
Princess Peach on Motorcycle  
Peach taking a jump on her motorcycle in anti gravity mode  
Rosalina On Her 4 wheeler
Rosalina posing and leaning against her offroader.
The Koopalings
A group shot of all the Koopa Kids in their karts.
Angry Wario Driving His Kart
Wario wielding a potted Piranha plant, and looking for somebody to subject to it.
Wario And Donkey KOng Fighting
Wario wielding a potted Piranha plant, and looking for somebody to subject to it. Little does he know a maniacal looking ape with a boomerang is just behind him.
Yoshi Driving His Kart
Yoshi driving his kart in anti-grav mode.


Scenes and supporting artwork

A blue and yellow Toad in space

Some Toad's floating in Space


Mario and Bowser racing on Mario Kart Stadium

Mario and Bowser going head to head, elbow to elbow.


Mario circuit

An art scene showing the anti gravity element of the air. Technically Mario is upside down!


Mario and Antigravity

Mario drives overhead of his brother Luigi (who is about to get hit by a Banana Peel)


The Scene From The Box Art

The Mario Kart 8 cover art



A track art scene from Mario Kart 8


Supporting Characters


Blue Space Toad

Space Toad... I always wanted you to go into... Space Toad. White background version.


Blue Toad In Space

Space Toad... I always wanted you to go into... Space Toad. Alternate background version.


A Lakitu Cameraman Yellow Space Toad
Lakitu filming on behalf of Mario Kart TV A Yellow Toad in Space

A Toad Mechanic

A service Toad from the Mario race team stacking tyres.


A Yellow Toad In Space

A Yellow Toad in Space.

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