Mario Kart 64 Review by JDude84
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Mario Kart 64 Review

Mario Kart 64 was the first racing game for the N64, but one would never know unless told. This game is great in almost every category, and is even more fun than ever if you have a few friends to play with.

Graphics - 10
You wouldn't know that this is a first generation game by it's graphics. The graphics are realistic, clear, and aren't a bit choppy at all! There is almost no popup, and the characters look great! Not to mention the little extras Nintendo inserted into the levels.

Sound FX - 9
The music on this game is great, the tunes are catchy, and not that annoying. The character noises are trily awesome, expecially wario's "wahhhhhh!!!" and "I'm a-wariooo, i'm-a gona win!" there are many other Sound FX also, which will get branded into your mind for hours at least. The sound in this game does not disappoint!

Control - 10
Easy, Responsive, Controls, it's as simple as that!

An artwork scene with Wario, Bowser, Mario, Peach and Toad

Replay Value & Fun Factor - 7
Well the replay isn't all that great once you've beaten the game, except maybe beating your best times. HOWEVER, IF you have 3 friends to play this game with then it's replay value is much better, so you better find 3 friends quick that will play it with you about once a week if you wan't this game to last!

Gameplay - 10
This game is awesome, battle mode, VS mode, 1 player, and time trials. There are 8 characters to play as with 16 tracks that may be mirrored for a total of 32 tracks! This game is one of the best for 64!

Overall - 9Mario driving his kart
This game has a few flaws, but not too many to wreck it, for a 1st generation game it is great! It is still good fun today...that is...if you have a few friends.

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