Mario Golf 64 (Nintendo 64) solo pictures & official course artwork
Rendered Artwork

Mario Golf logo small

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General artwork

A piece by piece shot of Marios swing

Mario in various stages of his swing


Golf Clubs

Mario's caddy full of shining Mario Golf brand vlubs


Luigi Wario Donkey Kong and Baby Mario at Boo Valley

Luigi strikes a shot, Wario and DK look on in disbelief while Baby Mario appears indifferent


Mario and Luigi at Shy Guy Desert

Mario putting, Luigi and Shy Guy watching and learning


Mario_Luigi_Baby Mario Yoshi Peach and Bowser at Yoshis Island

A Japanese Course guide cover featuring most of the main characters


Mario Luigi Peach Wario and Bowser at Koopa Park

Mario Victorious, Luigi and Peach cheering as Bowser facepalms in dismay.


Yoshi and Wario at Marios Star

A nice Cheep Cheep Island in the middle of a lake.


Solo Pictures


Baby Mario Playing Golf

Baby Mario prepares to take a swing.


Baby Mario Playing Golf

Baby Mario takes a swing of his club.


Bowser Playing Golf Charlie Playing Golf
Bowser playing golf Charlie playing golf


Donkey Kong Playing Golf

Donkey Kong doesn't appear to have the technique quite mastered yet.


Maple Playing Golf Luigi Playing Golf
Maple playing golf Luigi playing golf


Mario  With Golf Club

Mario with his Golf Club and his Caddy.


Mario Playing Golf

Mario swinging his club


Mario Preparing For Shot Plum With Golf Club
Mario looking focused Plum with her club

Mario Satisfied With His Shot

Mario looking confident ahead of his next shot


Princess Peach Playing Golf

Peach taking a shot.

Princess Peach Playing Golf

Peach winds back for a powerful shot.


Sonny Holding Golf Club And Ball Wario Playing Golf
Sonny Holding Golf Club And Ball Wario looking angry

Yoshi Satisfied With Shot

Yoshi celebrating

Yoshi Preparing For Shot

A scanned image of Yoshi taking a shot.

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