Luigi Lives

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He awoke fully dressed within denim overalls and horrendously heavy work boots. He could not make sense of how horribly his head hurt. Why couldn’t he remember much of anything? Why did he feel as though he had been in some sort of accident he narrowly survived? He hobbled into the restroom, grounded by the heavy footwear, and looked within a large mushroom shaped mirror placed upon a wall above a tortoise shell reservoir sink. He ran the water and splashed his face with the coldest crystal clear fluid 10 seconds of pre-running time could produce.

He saw: a lanky brunette man with a pronounced nose and moustache wearing a crumpled green hat with an L upon it. Who was he? Why could he not remember his own identity? He grabbed for more water, removed his hat, and sprinkled many splash fulls of icy liquid upon his person. The slim man, without his hat, was startled and quickly felt his head. There were many tender bumps placed upon the top of the man’s scalp. Some wounds were scabbed over and others felt freshly aroused by the otherwise refreshing water rinse. Why were these wounds present?

He began to look around and was fascinated with the collection of ornate and ordinary objects ever present and placed precisely throughout the space. The decorative chest holding many a gold coin was the prettiest object, yet where would this currency be from? The pantry he was exceptionally fond of – a dark little room full of root vegetables and a variety of grains. It was perhaps the only room which made sense. He was so hungry!


He heard a commotion coming from across the living space. He had head trauma and memory loss and someone was at a closed door knocking, pounding to get in? Who was this?

“Luigi, it’s me, Mario.”

The tall slender man walked to the partially stifled sounds to open a locked door. He thought about the L his hat held. Was he Luigi?
He opened the door and to see a small man in a red hat with an M upon it; he was irate and was tiny enough to look past so that Luigi was able to see a wondrous world beyond and around him. Luigi had an immediate and deep desire to explore, to adventure, to excuse himself from this little man.

“Let that Mario guy take care of the gold and the grains, I want to walk into these trees and see what resides within.” Luigi left the door wide open leaving behind everything he couldn’t remember.

The man wearing green walked into the woods and felt well dressed for the occasion. The branches attempted to scrape his skin and were greeted with a long sleeved green shirt made with durable material. He walked and dodged many bullets in the form of debris blocking the desired course. He knew where he was going and seemed programmed to go to that particular place: the center of the heavily wooded area.
It was not difficult to see from quite a distance; the center of the forest contained a cozy sized castle. The green slender man had visions of trapped Princesses wearing pink gowns and reptilian hominid men transgressing upon sassy ladies. He cautiously approached the mini manor and found a man in green with overalls in front of a plate of spaghetti passed out on a table. A small red man beside him is steadily eating food and a tiny grey man feeds the two. The peeping green man leaves the castle and the vision of himself content in comatose carbohydrate land behind; running steadily away from the castle.

The green slender man frolics in a small meadow and happened to find root vegetables; he subsists upon gathered edibles until he perishes. He could never take the time to remember his past yet his enduring days were filled with peace.

Never again did he use his head to attain riches or hunt for histrionic heiresses.

Never again did he over consume simple carbohydrates.

Never again did he awaken to the voice of a brother yelling for repetitive help.

Luigi became his own person by refusing to play any game. He lives his life happily. Sometimes he is hungry; he would rather quest for food than for princesses who don’t need saving.

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