Game & Wario
Game & Wario

Game & Wario title screen for the Wii U


Release dates

Australia June 29th, 2013
Europe June 28th, 2013
Japan March 28th, 2013
N.America June 23rd, 2013

General information

Platform: Nintendo Wii-U

Developed by Nintendo EAD & Intelligent Systems

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single-player, Multi-player



WarioWare's first Wii U title "Game & Wario" is a party style collection of Mini Games almost like Wario's equivalent to a Mario Party game. The game is set in Diamond City, a city in an unknown location where Wario is from. It seems that a level of inspiration for Game & Wario was of course from the old "Game & Watch" titles - this is indicated by the similarities in the logo, and of course the name. This game can be played alone or with up to 4 others in multiplayer mode.


It's me, Wario, charming leader of WarioWare, Inc., and creator of the best Wii U game ever! GAME & WARIO is an action-platform-sketching-puzzle-shooting-design-rhythm-sports game, and it is so amazing that I want to share it with the world! THE WORLD, I SAY! WAHAHAHAHA


Back story

The background story of the game is that while Wario is sat at home watching TV he sees an advertisement for a new games console which is coming soon; being a fan of currency Wario sets about to try and make a game for this new console in an effort to shower himself in riches; so Wario sets about to creating games for this new console but he isn't alone in doing so... he has help from some friends.


A game and watch style image of GAME & WARIO and some of its cast of characters



There are sixteen mini games in total comprising 4 multiplayer and 12 single player mini games all of which utilise the revolutionary features of the Wii U touch screen control systems. Players can unlock achievements and medals etc by completing certain tasks in mini games.


Mini Games

Single player mini games

  • Arrow - This minigame is hosted by Wario. Use a bow and arrow to shoot the little Wario robots on screen. Features a big Wario robot boss at the end.

  • Shutter - This minigame is hosted by Mona. Search buildings in the city to find criminals that are hiding, get a picture of them and send it to the newspaper for feedback!

  • Ski - This minigame is hosted by Jimmy. A skiing Mini game featuring Jimmy T, evade disaster until the end of the course to win

  • Patchwork - This minigame is hosted by Kat & Ana - a puzzle mini game, place patches onto a cloth and try to work out what the object is

  • Kung Fu - This minigame is hosted by Young Cricket - Young cricket jumps off each platforms straight after he lands on one, can you master the gamepad well enough to keep getting platforms beneath Young Cricket?

  • Gamer - This minigame is hosted by 9-Volt and 18-Volt - "Gamer is great, because it will prepare you for when your mom tries to catch you while you're playing games past your bedtime. Why bother sleeping? my games are a dream come true!" you play a microgame on the gamepad and quickly pause before 9-Volts mother enters the room!

  • Design - This minigame is hosted by Dr. Crygor - Can be played with 1 or 2 players, can you memorise the outlines of shapes and redraw them accurately to help Dr. Crygor build a robot?

  • Ashley - This minigame is hosted by... Ashley, Ashley has been turned into a broom and flies around collecting the good sweets and shooting the bad ones!

  • Taxi - This minigame is hosted by Dribble and Spitz - D&S are running a taxi business, the aim of this game is to take a Bazooka in your Taxi so that you can shoot down the Aliens who are trying to kidnap your customers from your ride.

  • Pirates - This minigame is hosted by Captain Wario - "In Pirates, I got a bunch of my pirate minions to attack your ship with suction-cup arrows. Try to block the arrows if you can. You have to do it while keeping time to the music. Why? Because I felt like it! WAHAHAHA!"

  • Bowling - All hosts are present in this minigame - It's bowling, the player controls the balls direction by rotating the gamepad.

  • Bird - This minigame is hosted by Pyoro - Based on its predecessor the player must protect Pyoro from the falling beans by catching them as quickly as possible. A bean hits Pyoro and its game over.

A trailer for WarioWare's Game & Wario including previews of some of the mini games


Multiplayer mini games

  • Sketch - This minigame is hosted by Orbulon - The game will tell one player to draw something, that player draws it with the gamepad while the other players have to try and guess what it is, there are a few twists to this also.

  • Fruit - This minigame is hosted by Penny - In this multiplayer minigame, one player has to steal fruit from all around a small town without other players knowing that its them. When this starter round is done its up to all the other players to try and work out who the thief is.

  • Islands - This minigame is hosted by Fronk - Using the gamepad your objective is to catapult various Fronks into different sections of an Island. Players can smash other players Fronks out of the way to lower their scores and gain score themselves.

  • Disco - This minigame is hosted by Mike - In this turn based 2 player mini game one player must utilise the ingame beats to create a rhythm, next round the next player has to try and replicate the rhythm they made.

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