Super Mario Land (Game Boy) Guide & Walkthrough
Super Mario Land Guide & Walkthrough

Super Mario Land Game Boy Guide & Video Walkthrough


A guide by Benni Castellanos Ruiz. Get ready to do a pleasant trip to Sarasaland alongside with Mario who comes alone on this adventure leaving his brother to step up and save the lovely princess Daisy. This great game was a total hit on the Gameboy, the first adventure in which Mario was alone and a game memorable for its music, its lively monochrome graphics and its unique elements.


Our video walkthrough / playthrough of Super Mario Land

Same plumber, different rules
On the land of Sarasaland we see a Mario too similar to his appearances on Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario Brothers 2/USA but we have a couple of changes that make him different on this adventure.

Move along with the pad, left and right, enter doors with up and crouch with down. While you are on top of some pipes you will be able to get inside and go to a secret coin room. Jump with the A button.

Shoot the Superball with the B button, unlike other games you can only shoot one Superball at a time. The Superball kills enemies and grabs coins for you, its really useful for the secret coin rooms.

Pressing START will bring a nice pause.


  • There are some ítems that are the same as in the former games.
  • Mushroom: will turn you into Super Mario and will grow, if you take a hit you will go back into normal Mario
  • Flower: The flower will give you a superball. It will let you kill enemies and grab coins.
  • Starman: The starman will make you invincible for a brief time.
  • Heart: The heart will give you an extra life.
  • Coins: Each coin counts, 100 will give you an extra life.

One level, two exits
Each level has two exits, a normal exit and a special exit. If you go through the exit on the bottom side of the screen you will go to the next level. If you go through the one on the top side of the screen you will participate on a bonus stage. This bonus stage may give you 1, 2, 3 lives or a superball flower, this flower will turn you into Superball Mario if you are small.

Sarasaland has 4 kingdoms which Mario has to visit on his journey to save Daisy.

Birabuto is made of deserts and grasslands, its really good to learn the controllers. At the end you will confront King Totomesu which is behind princess Daisy…or maybe not. The land is really straight forward and may show you no challenge at all.

Muda is a water land, beaches and underwater levels make this a fun level. At the end you will get inside the Mario submarine and at the end you will confront King Dragonzamasu. You will find yourself playing this level a lot and it may be hard to beat.

Easton is a group of islands which display Moai-like enemies. The whole level is hard and it requires you to make precise jumps and needs patience. King Hiyoihoi waits for you at the end and will be a pain. Just go through it, is easier than defeating him with superballs.

Chai is a great and rich land with many enemies, the Pionpis are immortal if you stomp on them, but a couple of superball hits will get them down. Beware of them because they may team up into you and be your demise. The boss is Biokinton as this land ruler is Princess Daisy. After defeating Biokinton we will face Tatanga.

As Mario rides his Skypop on the last level of Chai, he will defeat Biokinton to find Tatanga, the alien who has Princess Daisy captive, defeat him and you will finish this game and save Sarasaland from his invaders.

What now?
Well you are done with the game, after the ending credits a nice Mario will appear instead of the mushroom that normally appears, this will activate hard mode, which is a challenge to finish. After finishing the game again, you will be able to choose what world you start in.


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