Super Mario Land Cheats & Tips (Game Boy)

Super Mario Land - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Super Mario Land GB

Continue game play:
Hold A at the game over screen. While keeping that button held, press Start when the title screen appears.

Expert mode:
Successfully complete the game one time, then press any button at the title screen. The pointer will turn into Mario's face to confirm correct code entry. Press Start to begin game play with a higher difficulty level.

Easy mode:
Press Select at the file selection screen. Mario will shrink to confirm correct code entry. Select a file to play the game in easy mode.

Hint: World 1-3: Extra coins:
Extra coins are always useful for extra lives. Just when you start this level, continue no further. To your right, you will find some boxes in mid-air, and a column that does not come down to the floor all the way to your left. Move Mario until you are just outside of the column to the left. From there, you can jump up to reveal a box which is an elevator.

Move to the right and jump up on the boxes. This will allow you to jump on the elevator. Continue up on the elevator. When you reach the top, move right to collect coins that were previously unreachable.

After you get the coins from the pyramid (where the blocks fall on you), go back a bit until you are under the arch. Jump to hit a secret box full of coins.

Hint: World 1-3: Defeating the Boss:
Hit him with fire balls or run below him and jump on the switch on the other side.

Hint: World 1-3: Secret tunnel:
Play on level 3, go to the first lion, and kill it. Get the points and smash the first block in front of the lion. Jump again where you smashed the block to find an object on top of it. Jump on it, and it will lead you to a secret tunnel.

Hint: World 1-3: Ride up:
When starting on level 3, walk back to the left until you are almost under the wall. Jump up at the side of the wall and a box should appear. Jump on that box and ride up.

Jump higher:
Jump from a crouch to get higher.

Level select:
Successfully complete the game twice in succession. Press A to change the starting level number which appears next to the final score. Press Start to begin at the selected level.

Run faster:
Press B while running to move even faster.

Three lives:
Press A just as Mario enters the Bonus room. He will be lined up with a ladder that leads to three lives.


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