Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) Artwork including enemies, worlds, bosses and the Koopa Kids
Rendered Artwork

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Boom Boom

Boom Boom takes flight

Boom Boom Threatening

Boom Boom with the ole' swinging fists attack



Bowser looking rather jovial

Iggy Koopa

Iggy Koopa

Larry Koopa With His Stick Wendy O Koopa
Larry Koopa Wendy O' Koopa firing a ring

Lemmy Koopa Juggling

Lemmy Koopa balancing on his ball

Lemmy Koopa Juggling

Lemmy Koopa balancing on a ball while throwing another ball, which happens to look the same.

Ludwig von Koopa With His Stick

Ludwig Von Koopa with his scepter

Roy Koopa With Stick

Roy Koopa wielding his scepter

Wendy O Koopa Angry

Wendy O' Koopa wielding her scepter.




Angry sun

Angry Sun flying through the sky

Big Bertha Trying To Eat Mario Baby Cheep
Boss Bass trying to eat Mario A Baby Cheep Cheep
Lakitu and Spiny Eggs Boos
Lakitu throwing out spinies Boo with eyes covered / Boo

Bloober Nanny and Baby Bloobers

A Bloober Nanny with 4 Baby Bloobers in tow.


Bob omb

An exploding Bob-omb and a just-about-to-explode Bob-omb.


Boo Diddley

A Boo.

Boomerang Bro

A Boomerang Bro throwing a Boomerang. But not in the customary Blue boomerang bro colours.

Buster Beetle

A Buster Beetle getting ready to throw a white brick block

Chain Chomp

A Chain Chomp trying to attack despite being chained to a block.

Cheep Cheep

An alternative looking Cheep Cheep with spines.

Dry Bones

Dry Bones

Fire Bro Using His BreathFlame

A Fire Bro, which incidentally looks exactly like the Boomerang Bro.


Fire Chomp Using His Breath Flame

A Fire Chomp breathing flames


Fire Snake

A Fire Snake

Hot Foot Buzzy Beetle
Hot Foot A Buzzy Beetle walking along the ceiling


Jelectro the electric jelly fish


Koopa Troopa Walking

A Koopa Troopa looking puzzled.

Lava Lotus Ptooie
A Lava Lotus firing projectiles A Ptooie


Three Munchers.

Nipper Plant

Three Nipper Plants


Two Parabeetles.


A Paragoomba preparing to stomp

Paragoomba and Micro Goombas Fighting With Mario

A Paragoomba and three Micro Goombas attacking Mario

Rocky wrench Throwing Wrench

A Rocky Wrench throwing a pair of spanners.


Roto Discs

Roto Discs circling question blocks.


Sledge Bro With Hammer

Sledge Bro with a Hammer


Spike Throwing Spiny Metal Ball

Spike throwing a Spiny metal ball.


A Stretch Ghost.

Thwomp Angry

Thwomp comes crashing down. He missed. He hates it when he misses.


Mario Tweester

Mario Tweester!

Venus Fire Trap

A Venus Fire Trap Piranha throws fire balls



Fire Mario Throwing Flame

Fire Mario, as you would expect... throwing fireballs!

Frog Mario Diving

Frog Mario swimming.

Frog Mario diving into a Warp Pipe Frog Mario Hurt
Frog Mario entering a pipe Frog Mario dazed

Frog Mario jumping

Frog Mario rapidly swimming upwards

Hammer Mario Throwing Hammer

Hammer Mario throwing three Hammers.

Mario in a Goomba Shoe stomping a Spiny

Mario in Kuribo's Shoe (Goomba Boot) stomping a Spiny as he passes

Mario kicking an ice block at a Buster Beetle

Mario kicking an Ice Block at a Buster Beetle.

Mario swimming

Mario swimming through the water.


Raccoon Mario attacking

Mario with Raccoon power swinging his tail out to hit something


Raccoon Mario carrying a Green Shell

Mario with Raccoon power carrying a Koopa thats hiding in its shell

Raccoon Mario flying

A famous picture of Super Mario as Raccoon Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3


Raccoon Mario flying

Raccoon Mario in flight.

Statue Mario

A confused looking Koopa walks past Tanooki Mario in Statue form.


Tanooki Mario

Tanooki Suit Mario running.

Raccoon Mario jumping Tanooki Mario flying
Raccoon Mario jumping happily Tanooki Suit Mario flying


Other Major Characters


Peach Toad and Luigi

Luigi, Peach and Toad

Luigi Waving The transformed Sea Side King
Luigi waving The Sea Side King in the form that the Koopa Kids transformed him into


Scenery and Supporting Artwork


Airship Assault

Mario flying past the Doom ship as the Koopa Kids try to attack him. Luigi and the transformed seaside king watch on in horror, Peach being held captive on the Doomship.


Mario On Big Island

Mario in Giant Land.


Mario Fighting With Bowser

Raccoon Mario confronts Bowser on his Doomship


Mario In Desert Land

The Angry Sun watches as Mario shoots a Goomba-in-a-block in Desert Land.


Mario Flying

Raccoon Mario flies away from a Fire Piranha Plant and passes a Paragoomba and three Micro Goombas.


Tanooki Mario In Iced Land

Spike throwing spiked balls at Tanooki Mario and a Buster Beetle getting ready to throw a brick at him.


Main cast scene

An Iconic Artwork of Raccoon Mario flying away from the Koopa kids in pursuit, whilst Bloobers and Lakitu's pursue Luigi, Peach and the Princess.


Mario In Pipe Land

Hammer Mario taking on lots of different enemies in Pipe Land.


Mario Flying Through Sky Land

P-Wing Mario flying through the sky being pursued by Parabeetles and about to be hit by a fireball.


Frog Mario In Water Land

Frog Suit Mario surrounded by water type enemies including Boss Bass and a Baby Cheep, A bloober, Jelectro and a Cheep Cheep!

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