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Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle Walkthrough



Super Mario Bros. 2 - Completion guide by Super Mallow

Note* - This walkthrough contains warps to further levels. Also, sprites represent recommended characters for that level


Level 1-1


- The first level of the game is pretty easy. Use Peach because she has the floating ability, you don’t need it but it is good to get used to. At the beginning, just fall down. Fall towards the right, because that is where the door will be. Now, just keep going to the right, dodging the enemies. Soon you will be a part with a waterfall and logs coming from it. You can float past it with Peach, or you can jump from falling log to falling log till you reach the other side. Continue to the right, avoiding the enemies. You will come to a door, which you need to go in. Now, go to the left when your in the door (it’s like a cave).


You see a vine - climb it. You can go either left or right. Go to the left, and jump on the raised land. You see another door with rocks blocking it. Pull out the weeds to find bombs! You need to time it right. Throw the bombs at the right time to break the rocks. If you fail, go out through the door you came in and try again. Now you should be outside again. Jump on the raised land and do a super jump while holding the control pad to the left. You should be above the screen. Move left and jump down. You will see Birdo, the boss in almost every level. To beat him,. jump on his eggs he spits out. Then pick them up and throw it at him. 3 hits and he is dead. Then, enter the eagles mouth to proceed to level 2.


Level 1-2


- This level is a bit harder. First, jump on the little platforms of raised land. You will notice a flying enemy. You will need him. Wait until he swoops down, and then jump on him. Pick him up and throw him. You should now be on his cape, which you can control. Keep going to the right on his cape, being careful to avoid the enemies coming at you. You need to hurry, as the cape is only temporary. When you reach land, you’ll notice 2 little jar like things. Stand on the second one and go down it. Grab the key at the bottom and climb back up. A face thing will chase after you if you are holding the key, which you need to.


If it comes close, just throw it away and re pick it back up. Keep going to the right and you will see a locked door. Open it with the key and go through. You’ll be underground now. Go to the right, jumping over gaps and avoiding enemies. Eventually, you come to a part with rocks you will need to blow up. Pick up the weeds to find bombs, and blow the rocks up! Then, climb the ladder and go to the right. Pick up the weeds for more bombs and blow up the rocks to the right. Continue to the right, and super jump to the door. Go through it and your outside again. Co to the right, and fall down. Jump up to the door, go through it, and you will be at Birdo. Beat him like the first time, and enter the eagle’s mouth.


Level 1-3


- To start off, jump on the eagle head to the left and then jump on the platform to the right. Keep jumping the gaps going right while avoiding enemies. Soon there will be a part where there are logs, gaps, and jumping fish. Avoid the fish and jump the gaps. At the end of it, there will be a waterfall with logs falling from the top. Keep jumping on the logs relatively quickly, as the logs fall due to the waterfall. You will reach land with a bunch of weeds, and below are falling logs again. Jump across them to reach more land. Now, pick the weeds on the bottom until you get a potion. Now, do not throw the potion. Carry it to the right without getting hit by enemies. Go pass the door till you see the jar. Throw it and go in the door that comes from it. You will be in Sub-Space. Then, while in Sub-Space, go down the jar to warp to world 4.


Level 4-1


- This is an ice level, so make sure you use Peach. This is because if you slip, you can always float back with Peach. To start off. Go to the right. Avoid the ground enemies and watch out for the jumping fish. Peach’s floating technique comes in handy here. Keep going the right, jumping over the gaps and dodging the enemies. Eventually you come to a part with actual snow (not ice). There are weeds on it. Jump on to the highest platform of raised land. There is a little bit of ice there. Go on the ice and you will see a weed below you. You need to get to that weed. Fall to the right, and as soon as you fall go to the left to land by it. It may take a few tries, so try and make sure you have a couple of extra lives. Pick up the weed and a rocket ship thing will launch you higher. When you reach the top, go to the right. Avoid the enemies and keep going to the right. Eventually, you will reach a crystal orb like you get when you beat Birdo. This time you don’t need to beat Birdo. Grab the orb, and go into the eagle’s mouth.


Level 4-2


- Another ice level, so use Peach again. At the beginning, just avoid the porcupines. Proceed to the right and climb the beanstalk. You will be outside. Go to the right, but go slow. A bunch of flying enemies come, and you need to avoid them. It isn’t to hard, but go slow to make sure. Soon you will reach a door, which you need to go through. Now you will be at a part where the are whales at the bottom. Go to the right, and you will soon reach 3 pillars of snow covered land - each having 3 weeds atop. Go the farthest pillar to the right, and on it, grab the weed farthest to the right. You will get a potion. Don’t throw it yet. Go to the right on the whales while carrying the potion, and make sure you don’t get hit. Soon you reach a jar. Go on the little piece of land that it is on, and throw the potion. Go into the door to get to Sub-Space. In Sub-Space, go down into the jar to warp to world 6.


Level 6-1


- World 6 is all about deserts, so Peach is good for this world - she can avoid quick sand by floating. At the beginning, go to the right and float over the quicksand onto the bones. You can go on the quick sand, so its ok if you miss. Keep going to the right while avoiding the enemies. Keep going and you come to a bunch of cactus’s. Watch out for the tall Pokeys and the flowers that spit out fire. Right after the fire spitting flower, there will be a door. Go in it to be underground. Go to the right, and you will notice a whole bunch of jars. To the right of them, there is a locked door. You need to pick the right one, which is the first one to the right of the second snake (or 4th from the right). Go down it and dig up the sand to find the key. Grab the key and get out of the jar. Go to the right and go through the locked door. You will be at Birdo, but this time he is green. He will only spit out fire, so to attack use the pink and white block like things. Then, pick up the orb and go through the eagles mouth.


Level 6-2


- You start underground in this level. First, go to the right and avoid the enemies. Go through the door that looks like it was created by light. Now it gets a bit harder. You will be outside, and you need to go to the right. One problem - there is land to go on! Wait until a bird comes from the left. Jump on it, you need to ride it for a while. You really need Peach for this level. Well, keep going to the right, and avoid the enemies while flying. You will reach a point where there is a fire spitting flower. Immediately after your past it, hold down to charge up for a super jump. You will need it to reach the next pillar of land. Jump on it, and then jump on the bird again. Keep going to the right and you will reach land. Jump on the land and there will be a door to the right, which you need to go through. Now your underground again, and your fighting a green Birdo again. Beat him like usually.


Level 6-3


- You start underground, and you see a ladder directly above you. Climb it to continue. You are outside. Now, you will see quicksand on the left. Well, jump in it. Make sure your holding left against the wall while sinking. The moment you move left, keep pressing A repetitively so you won’t sink. You will see a door when your through. Go in it and you will be in the clouds. Jump from one to one going left, and then jump down to see a door. Go in the door to face a red Birdo. There the same as green, except they shoot eggs and fire. Beat him and go through the eagle’s mouth.


Level 7-1


- The first level in the last world. At the beginning, jump from cloud to cloud going up. You reach a ladder soon. Climb it to continue. Now, you will see birds flying to the left. Do a super jump onto one, and ride it until you reach a ladder. Just after it, there is a weed. Pull it out to get into a rocket ship and it will take you to the next part of the level. Now, go to the right but on the top level of clouds. Keep going to the right until you reach a dead end. Then, go to the left in the little space between clouds. Keep zigzagging left to right while avoiding the Shy-Guys. At the end, jump to the right and you will be underneath a ladder. Do a super jump to it and climb it. Now, go up and watch out for the Sparkys. They go around everything. But it isn’t too hard. When you reach the level of clouds with Sparkys and the pink and white blocks, you need to stack the blocks to reach higher. However, you can kill the Sparkys with the blocks. Do a super jump to get higher. Now, there will be a bunch of ladders. Climb either one of the 2 middle ones. When they end, move to the middle one. Keep climbing it and you will see more ladders where this one ends. Climb either and go in the door at the end. You will fight a green Birdo. You know what to do from here.


Level 7-2


- The last level in the game, it is a lot harder than any other level. At the beginning, go to the right and avoid the bullet shooting Snifits. You will reach an entrance way. Go in it and you will be on a moving belt thing. Avoid the Shy-Guys and jump onto the next one. Avoid the purple Fuzzys and continue until you see a chain and a fire spitting flower. Go on the lower belt and go towards the chain. Avoid being hit by the flower and go down the chain. Your now in a part with a bunch of pink and white blocks. You will see Sparkys, and you need to pick up the blocks while avoiding them. Keep going down until you reach the door.


Go through it and you will be in a room with chains and Sparkys. Just go the right avoiding them. Skip the door because nothing that important is in it. There will be another door - that’s the one you want to go in. After going through it, climb the chain in the next room. There will be little breaks in it with Sparkys going around them. When there is one, jump off to the side and jump on the next chain higher than the one you just came from. Go in the door at the end. Now, in the next room, go left while avoiding the Sparkys. Climb the chain at the end. Next, jump from belt to belt while avoiding the enemies. It gets harder the higher you go. Climb the chain at the end to proceed. Now, in the next room, climb the chain until there is a belt. Go on it and you will fight a red Birdo.


Beat it and climb the chain to the left. Now, go to the right avoiding the Sparkys. You see a locked door. Pass it up and there will be another door. Go in it, beat another red Birdo, and you will get the key. Exit through the door and open the locked door. Go to the right in the next room and you will eventually see a crystal orb. Pick it up, except this time your going to fightt the eagle. Go a little to left and use the blocks to beat him. After he is beaten, enter through his mouth. Now, your at the final boss, Wart. He isn’t too hard. To beat him, grab the vegetable his machine spits out. When he opens his mouth, throw them in. Do this, and you will have beaten him and the game.

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