Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) Artwork incl. bosses, characters, enemies and more
Rendered Artwork

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Birdo Orange

An orange Birdo


Birdo rose

Birdo firing an egg



Clawgrip the crab






Mouser waving his fist





Tryclyde looking mischievous

Tryclyde Birdo with egg
Tryclyde looking shocked Birdo holding an egg

Wart Angry

Wart Angry stomping away

Wart angry


Wart Angry looking angry

Wart jumping

Wart Angry jumping

Wart worried

Wart Angry & looking worried




Luigi Walking

Luigi walking along


Luigi Worried

Luigi looking worried


Luigi jumping

Luigi jumping


Luigi running

Luigi taking a run and jump


Luigi veggie

Luigi pulling up a vegetable


Mario Removing the tail

Mario holding a vegetable


Mario happy

Mario happy

Mario Nintendo Power

Mario holding a vegetable and waving


Mario Nintendo Power

Mario looking surprised

Mario Veggie

Mario holding a vegetable and running

Mario Holding The Tail

Mario throwing a turnip


Mario Walking

Mario Walking

Mario walking

Mario taking a stroll

Princess Removing The Tail

Princess pulling a vegetable out the ground


Princess Peach Removing The Tail

Princess struggling to tug the vegetable out


Princess Peach Jumping

Princess Peach gliding elegantly in the air

Toad Holding The Tail Toad Running
Toad holding the vegetable up like a trophy Toad running
Toad carrying a Snifit  Nintendo Power Toad Walking
Toad carrying a Snifit Toad looking happy

Toad Nintendo Power

Toad holding a Bob-omb



Albatoss holding Bob omb

Albatoss flying with a scared looking Bob-omb

An Autobomb with a Shy Guy

Shy Guy keeping watch on an Autobomb



Beezo flying



Cobrat looking happy

Cobrat In The Jar

Cobrat looking mischievous as he emerges from his jar




Hoopster crawling along



Golden key




Ninji Nintendo Power

Ninji looking confused

Ostro and a Shy Guy

A Shy Guy riding an Ostro


A Panser


A Pidgit on his flying carpet


A Green Pokey Cactus

Phanto Porcupo
Phanto Porcupo
Shy Guy Sparl
Shy Guy Spark
Shy Guy Nintendo Power Two Ninjis
Shy Guy Two Ninji's

Snifit Running

Snifit running and firing bullets out of his nose, ewww!


Snifit Nintendo Power

Snifit firing a sinister lookin bullet out of his nose


A Trouter


A Tweeter


Group pictures


Group Art of various characters

An art scene featuring a battle between the good guys and bad guys, Luigi throws a Shy Guy and Mario hurls vegetables across the river.


Group Art of the four protagonists

Super Mario Bros. 2 artwork from Nintendo Power Magazine


Mario and Birdo

Two headed Mario being shot by Birdo


Mario and Luigi

No Mario please don't strangle Luigi, I beg you.

Mario and Luigi tipping their hats

Mario and Luigi, caps off!

Mario and Mouser Phanto Catching Mario
Mario being bombed by Mouser Mario running from Phanto

Mario and some other characters and enemies

A Group Artwork featuring Mario armed with a veggie and Wart pursuing him!


Mario and the Princess Talking

Mario with a walking stick and Princess Toadstool with a hankerchief


Mario and Wart

Mario and Wart going head to head.


Promotional artwork featuring the principal cast of Super Mario Bros 2

The cast of Super Mario Bros. 2 waving and bowing at the end of the game.


The four protagonists picking up vegetables

The four heroes pulling up vegetables


Items & Objects

1 up mushroom Bomb
1 Up Mushroom Bomb
Key Pow block
Key POW Block
Turtle Shell Potion
Red Shell Potion

Mario lifting a Mushroom Block

The three stages of Mario picking up a Mushroom Block


A Giant Turnip


Other/Misc and supporting artwork

Mario climbing a long staircase

Mario walking up the steps to a mysterious door


Mario coming out of a door

Mario emerging from the door that leads to Subcon.



Mario entering a door

Mario entering the door that leads to Subcon.


Mario sleeping in his bed

Mario asleep ins his bedroom, where Super Mario Bros. 2 truly takes place.

Super Mario shrinking to Small Mario

Mario coming out of a smaller Mario


An art scene featuring the characters from Doki Doki Panic, the game which Super Mario Bros. 2 was based on

An art scene featuring the characters from Doki Doki Panic, the game which Super Mario Bros. 2 was based on

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